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  2. Keep your article title in this format, “My Article Title” or “This is my Article Title”.
  3. Fill in the summary with a description about the article.
  4. Do not submit spam, lies, business or website mission statements.
  5. Good grammar and spelling is required. Spun articles stand out like a sore thumb, if you choose to submit this type of trash, it will not be approved and further more your account may be deactivated.
  6. If you submit spam more than three times you’re IP & account may be banned permanently


~General Guidelines – (Articles, Profiles and Ads)

  1. We aim to publish family friendly content.
  2. You can have 2 links in your author bio.
  3. We do not accept ads, articles or links on the following: write my essay or paper, payday or bad credit loans, gambling, porn, firearms, pharmacy related websites or websites selling medical pills, plastic surgery, Botox, miracle cure, Viagra, Cialis, contraceptive methods, over extreme religion, racist or hate, astral travel, ufos, over the top conspiracy theories, psychics, witchcraft, astrology, black magic and cults.

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