What is Media Buying?

Media Buying is the practice of ensuring your client's advertisements appear where they want them.

Media Buying is the practice of ensuring your client's advertisements appear where they want them to and that they pay the best price possible. As an advertiser, the most common ways to purchase large amounts of online ad display is directly from the individual publishers or from ad networks. There are many steps involved in finding, negotiating and booking ad inventory. When you are buying large amounts of ad space from different places, it is very important to have a suitable ad server to help with ad serving, ad tracking and ad reporting.

Ad serving describes the process of placing ads on websites. Ad serving companies run proprietary software on multiple computer servers, often called ad servers. These servers will choose ads that are the most suitable and/or profitable, deliver these ads to the web sites, count ad views, clicks and other metrics, and report the progress of different advertising campaigns. Having your own ad server gives you accountability. You definitely want to track your own campaign and not leave that in the hands of the publisher. Having your own ad server means that you hold the publishers as well as ad networks accountable. Any reporting discrepancies can be compared and analyzed using reports from multiple parties. It also gives you control over the type of ads that are going out and to which users they are going to. You can also control the format of the ads that are run as well. Ownership of your own ad server puts you in complete control of your own campaign.

Small businesses can also gain from the media buying process. You must be able to take advantage of market knowledge in a quick manner; by doing this you can take control of your own advertising when you are ready to do so. But how do you expect to compete with your larger competitors? Digital media buying companies can help you to find the best rates out there when it comes to media buying. This can help you to stay on top of your business needs and get your media buying needs met at the same time. They can put together a plan for your media airing and everything that you need is at your fingertips. These companies will do the research for you. When searching for the best media plan have a basic media plan in mind. This is great because you can give eager sales representatives some different guidelines to include in their proposals. You also want to have a budget in mind; you do not want to get talked into something that you cannot afford. When contacting these people keep a record of who you have called to save some time when you go back and finalize contracts. And finally leave some wiggle room in your budget for ads or events you may want to run mid-year. Don’t spend it all at once. This all may seem a little overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be; make a plan, stick to that plan, and get ready for positive results!

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