What Type of OOH Advertising has the Highest Readability?

OOH Advertising has a unique challenge - to make people, passing by, actually read the OOH Displays.

OOH Advertising has a unique challenge - to make people, passing by, actually read the OOH Displays. Due to the difference in the nature of the various types of advertising that are considered under the umbrella of OOH Advertising, two of the types have environments that make the reading easier than the others. These two, at the highest positions according to readability, are Airport Advertising and Metro Advertising. This article explains the various reasons due to which the above two mediums rule the roost in the OOH Medium.

Higher Dwell Time

The airports and metro stations are some of the most organized places on earth. There are procedures like marked entries and exits that have to be followed. In case of the airports, the security measures also take up much of the time. The travelers have to be at the airports and metro stations during all these, significantly increasing the dwell times. And these are not just any dwell times. These are dwell times at the transit stations with some of the most comfortable environments. A traveler waiting comfortably is in a much better mood to read and absorb the messages delivered by the OOH Ad Displays than someone driving on the road at high speeds.

Greater Target Relevance

Airports and metro stations, by being organized environments, bear ideal research conditions. It is very easy to make accurate audience segmentations oriented at particular transit stations. Once the OOH Advertising Agencies have that data, they can create location and segment-based OOH Advertising Campaigns of much higher impact and efficiency. A display of a product or service before an audience that does not require it is a display that has been wasted. In case of airports and metro stations, you know your audience very well and thus can ensure that no display is wasted on the wrong audience. An audience that requires a certain product or service will read an ad on the same out of its own interest. The risky necessity of tempting or creating interest does not exist in such cases. Among all the OOH Mediums, the anointed two have such audiences in their most pristine forms.


An airport ad or a metro station ad scores over the other OOH Ads in terms of its proximity to the audience. No viewer will read anything outside the range of his or her comfortable reading. Installing displays at the eye level is a favorite technique by which prominent OOH Advertising Agencies increase the conditions of readability. Both the mediums in question offer ample opportunities of displays at distances that can be easily read from. The Wall Mounts at the baggage claim areas of airports, and the Free Standing Units of the metro stations are in fact placed at the nearest possible distances among all OOH Displays.

Proper Lightning

Airports and metro stations are well known for their excellent infrastructure. A well-illuminated display in properly lighted surroundings is far more readable than a poorly lit one. Even in the case of damage, a display in the above two mediums can be fixed in no time. On the other hand, damages in the average roadside displays take considerable time, to first get discovered by the relevant authorities and then for the maintenance team to arrive. Better opportunities of a round-the clock inspection, and faster repairs if necessary, reduce the probability of the periods when the displays are unreadable.

The top two mediums have better reading conditions which are created naturally. Unnatural means, like increasing the font size, can result in disaster in terms of the design and the composite look and feel. Increasing font size is also out of question for brands with longer names. The opportunity of displays with better readability is one of the primary reasons why the OOH Advertising Agencies and advertisers hold airports and metro stations close to their hearts.

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