Why Go for OOH Advertising?

The critics of Advertising may profess that a brand that performs does not need to be advertised.

The critics of Advertising may profess that a brand that performs does not need to be advertised. Unfortunately, this utopian ideology does not hold ground in markets that display competition at levels that exist in the real world. Advertising is thus not a luxury but an integral part of a brand’s success saga. Among the various Advertising Media, OOH Advertising or Outdoor Advertising has been conferred a special designation. So, what is it about this medium that the top brands from across the sectors hold dearly? In other words, what makes the brands go for OOH Advertising? This article discusses a few reasons for the medium to have never gone out of popularity.

Time Spent By an Individual

When one thinks about the period of time that an individual spends out of home, it comprises a significant part of his day. At the airports while travelling, at the metro stations while commuting to office / schools, etc., at the markets while shopping, and the list goes on and on. An OOH Ad is thus more likely to catch his glimpse than any other form of Advertising. These periods significantly increase in duration during the weekends and holiday seasons. In fact modern day demands for associations between institutions ensure that the professionals do not even have to wait for the weekends and holidays to spend time out of homes or office buildings. These high periods spent out of doors convert into higher durations of viewing time for the OOH Media.

Organized Audience Segments

Modern day transit stations are organized to such extents that it is possible to conveniently form Target Segmentation of the audience at these places. For example, airports are popularly known as the ideal places to target an affluent audience while the metro stations are utilized for targeting audiences from different segments of life. An accurately targeted ad is much more effective in terms of impact and Returns of Investment (RoI) than the other conventional methods. OOH Advertising Platforms allow for this targeting to be done with more accuracy and convenience.

A Natural Part of the Environment

OOH Ad Sites, when used intelligently, can be used to increase the decorum of the environment. They add color and life to the surroundings, amply adding to their modernization. This is an important reason, apart from the revenue generation, for the relevant authorities to release tenders of Advertising. An ad which assumes a natural place in the surrounding does not distract but rather arouses the interests of the audiences. For example a display on the Airport Aerobridges is bound to have a high impact on the audience.

Can be used at a Point of Sale

A sales head of a leading pharmaceutical company once said, “One of the vital tasks of a telesales is to create an environment where the potential consumer cannot utter the words: call back tomorrow”. In such a scenario the entire force that had been cultivated in the period prior to the utterance of those words has gone to waste; for tomorrow means a new day, a new mood, and a new attempt. OOH Advertising can be effectively used at the point of sale itself. An OOH Ad Display at a point of sale, like a Mall, increases the fluency of the conversion of an audience into buyers.

The above are the top reasons to go for OOH Advertising. The uniqueness of the advantages served by the media is such that the outdoor format will continue to stay popular with the brands from across industry segments. When we consider the large scales at which innovations are allowed by the medium, the medium will continue in its position of the most popular Advertising Medium for a long time to come.

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