4 Most Appreciated Practices Of Remarketing

If you are using Google AdWords platform, you should know that you can set a frequency cap on your advertising campaigns

Remarketing is considered one of the most powerful and potent marketing technique available out there at the moment. But what does it mean? Remarketing is also known as retargeting, and it means to pursue the goal of pushing those persons that may be interested in your services or products, even further down the funnel of sales. This method will make your brand even more visible and help you increase the ROI in a significant manner. But, you should be careful about the way you implement this method because you risk becoming very annoying in the eyes of your potential clients if you do it wrong. So, the following practices may come in handy if you want to do things right.

1. Utilize the user intent to segment the audience

The best remarketing campaigns are made when your audience is properly segmented. For instance, people that check out the product page of your website are more likely to convert into customers than people who just check out your homepage. They may be persons that just found out about your company and brand and would like to know more about it, so make sure you add sufficient resources to your homepage. So, if you segment your audience based on user intent, you will be able to develop more efficient remarketing campaigns, which will address their needs in a much better way.

2. Your remarketing campaign should have a frequency cap on

If you are using Google AdWords platform, you should know that you can set a frequency cap on your advertising campaigns, so that your audience will not be bombarded with ads around the clock. Such a thing may be very annoying and you may chase away your potential clients instead of drawing them closer, so do have this aspect in mind.

3. Stay away from spending funds on the users that are converted already

In many cases when a person ended up making a purchase, that person will still be able to see ads from that particular company, even if he or she became a part of the list with converted clients. Such a thing is a waste of money because once the purchase was made you don’t need to keep sending ads like trying to convince the person to buy the same thing. So, on Google, for instance, you can create a separate list of converted customers, which will be used as a negative audience for your remarketing campaigns. For this list, on the other hand, you can create new ads, for upselling or provide other solutions.

4. The traffic from remarketing should be directed towards specially created landing pages

Proper landing pages for remarketing campaigns can help you in a great deal when it comes to conversion rates. Because you now know what sections of your web page were visited by what particular audience group, you can create a specific landing page that will contain what you know that group would like to see and what it is interested in. It is true that this means a more work for you, but the sales that these landing pages will generate will be worth the effort.

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