Ways To Increase Your Success At Trade Shows

Granted, this step is out of order, but it really is the most important. Your trade show display is really what draws.

Granted, this step is out of order, but it really is the most important. Your trade show display is really what draws.

Whether you’re attending a trade show for the very first time or the 101st time, there are always you can use to improve your chances of making each and every one a success. 

Things To Do Before the Trade Show

What you do prior to the trade show is just as important as what you do at the trade show. Let those who could be potential customers and those you are seriously courting know you’re attending. Let current customers know, too. Trade shows offer perfect opportunities to connect with them, too. Send letters or postcards, email blasts, social media posts – anything and everything that advertises your upcoming appearance.  Don’t forget to include promotional materials and perhaps even a coupon or some kind of reward for stopping by.

Think About Your Approach

How will you talk to those you’ll encounter? Customers, current and potential, not only like products and brands on which they can rely, but relationships on which they can rely. You create positive relationships with sincerity and familiar approaches. Try not to sound unemotional or as if you’re presenting a rehearsed sermon. People like talking about themselves and their lives. Engage warmly and listen.

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm and positivity affects the energy and people around you. Encourage those working with you to be confident and upbeat, too.  Attendees don’t want to stop by a booth where the exhibiters are disinterested and negative. Warmly welcome people toward and into your booth and treat them respectfully, no matter their reaction. It will always have a positive result and they will remember. 


Attendees enjoy having fun things to do, so give them an incentive to hang around. Show videos, handout promotional items or have a contest.  Provide samples of your wares, sell raffles, have a contest, or come up with a game.


This step is vital, almost as important as attending the trade show. Cultivate the relationships you made and those you already established.  Send out letters and emails and make phone calls. 

Get a Great Booth

Granted, this step is out of order, but it really is the most important. Your trade show display is really what draws in people. Of course, much depends on you, but if your booth isn’t bold, attention grabbing, and doesn’t tell passersby exactly what your selling or providing, they will simply keep on passing you by.

Bigger is usually better. Large booths with hanging displays and multiple decks do tend to draw attendee’s attentions. If, however, you cannot afford such extravagance, opt for quality and go for vivid, bold, eye-catching graphics that will immediately catch people’s attentions. It’s just as good as a big display.

Next Level Displays

Next Level Displays is your premier trade show expert. It offers a wide selection of trade show displays at every price point. It can layout and construct a trade show display for purchase or rental according to your exact specifications. 

Next Level Displays offers the most up-to-date, sophisticated, boldest, eye-catching trade show displays available, including:

o Tension Fabric Displays
o Hanging Signs for Trade Shows
o Portable Trade Show Displays
o Trade Show Rental Booths
o Custom Trade Show Displays
o Banner Stands
o Truss Displays
o Bargain Displays

Its in-house graphics department produces photomural panels, banners, banner stands, face mounts, fabrics, detachables, and 1st surface vinyl graphics. Large or small, it produces quality prints in a timely manner. Its trained, skilled, and experienced design team can help you create your booth and design. It further offers lighting, flooring, graphics, round trip shipping, and installation and dismantling.

Next Level Designs’ inventories are conveniently located in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, and Riverside, so it offers full turnkey services throughout the country. 

Next Level Displays recently expanded its services to include warehousing, so it now offers booth and pallet storage, inventory control, pick and pack, and shipping.

See its website at www.nldisplays.com and see Next Level Display’s latest projects at:  www.nldisplays.com/recent-projects/

Jeffrey J. Burns is an experienced exhibition designer in California and Marketing Manager with an experience in trade show displays at Next level display. Nldisplay is a leading California trade show display company specializing in creating an effective trade show booth, trade show displays, trade show rentals, pop up displays, Trade show Exhibits, tension fabric displays, steel truss displays, retractable banner stands, multi pack banner stands, indoor and outdoor graphics, trade show accessories, hanging signs, custom built trade show displays, low cost portable trade show displays, custom counters and kiosks, portable flooring solutions, custom display cases, wheeled cases, eco friendly displays, hybrid exhibits, portable modular displays and exhibit lighting and staging. Next level display have a trade show display that fits every budget an Including trade show pop up displays, truss system, banner stands, and much more!

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