Preparing Staff For A Trade Show

A great part of your trade show success hinges upon how your staff relates to attendees.

Here are some suggestions on how to better prepare your staff and increase your success at trade shows.

Define Booth Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Before the trade show, make a list of those who will be manning your booth. Consider their assets, skills, and strengths. There are certain jobs most booths require and sometimes it makes more sense to have specific individuals handle those tasks, according to their strengths, rather than have everyone doing all of them randomly.

Trade Show Booth Roles

Once you’ve thought about the traits of those who will be attending, you’re now ready to assign individuals to those tasks. Here are roles that are most common to trade shows: 

o Collectors – these individuals go into the aisles, socialize with attendees, assess their interest in your product, and urge them to head over to the booth (politely and unobtrusively, of course)

o Anchors: these individuals’ welcome and log in visitors and take down their contact information. They additionally guide visitors to areas of interest, such as promotions, demonstrations, and games.

o Exhibitors: these individuals educate and entertain prospects and provide live demonstrations. They have good senses of humor and the ability to engage in conversation.

o Sales Representatives:  these individuals are highly skilled at presenting sales pitches. They are also good at accumulating potential sales leads


Ultimately, it’s important to put together a team that functions and works well together. Make sure you clearly define the responsibilities and your expectations.

Now that you have a great staff, all you need next is a great booth. 

Next Level Displays

Next Level Displays is the leading trade show expert.  It offers a comprehensive collection of trade show displays to satisfy every budget. It can design and create a trade show display you can either buy or rent, according to your precise requirements. 

Next Level Displays offers the most innovative, stylish, boldest, eye-catching trade show displays available, including:

o Tension Fabric Displays
o Hanging Signs for Trade Shows
o Portable Trade Show Displays
o Rental trade show booth
o Custom Trade Show Displays
o Banner Stands
o Double Deck Displays
o Bargain Displays

Its internal graphics department makes photo mural panels, banners, banner stands, face mounts, fabrics, detachables, and 1st surface vinyl graphics. Large or small, it creates superior prints in a timely manner. Its expert design team can assist you with creating your one-of-a-kind booth. It further offers lighting, flooring, graphics, round trip shipping, and installation and dismantling.

Next Level Designs’ inventories are conveniently located in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, and Riverside, so it offers full turnkey services throughout the country. 

Next Level Displays just extended its services to include warehousing, so it now offers booth and pallet storage, inventory control, pick and pack, and shipping.  

Call Next Level Display at (866) 796-6398 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or, see its website at

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Jeffrey J. Burns is an experienced exhibition designer in California and Marketing Manager with an experience in Double Deck Displays at Next level display. Nldisplay is a leading California trade show display company specializing in creating an effective trade show booth, trade show rentals, pop up displays, exhibits, tension fabric displays, hybrid exhibits, portable modular displays and exhibit lighting and staging. Next level display have a trade show display that fits every budget and style, including trade show pop up displays, truss systems, banner stands, and much more!

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