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Internet Ads: How Different Methods Help Different Businesses

582 views |4 July / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Owen, C-

Internet advertising is enjoying a comfortable position amidst traditional tools of marketing such as print, radio and television. Its low cost, far reach and ability to conform to different platforms has ma ...

Four Ways to Promote Your Business

641 views |1 June / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Ezra, N/A

In order to succeed and get your business off of the ground you will need to market it properly. With so many different companies all competing against one another it is important that your business stands o ...

Strategic Media Planning – The Need of The Hour

511 views |17 May / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Krish Henry, N/A

Media is an art of conveying and informing the masses about the latest developments. However, a proper knowledge and the process of evaluating and then implementing it must be do ...

Ad Inventory Management

665 views |15 May / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Nate Rodney, C+

As with any publisher, your goal is to maximize ad revenue stemming from all of your ad spaces on your website. To get there, you need to optimize your ad inventory. It is hence essential to sell your ads fo ...

Three Ways to Increase Your Website Profits

626 views |8 November / 2012, Advertising/Advertising by Nate Rodney, C-

Your website is up and running and you’re ready to make your mark on the World Wide Web. You’re getting some traffic using pay-per-click ads, but your website profits just aren’t what you expected them ...

How to Calculate Your Advertising Budget

747 views |16 April / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Nate Rodney, C+

To calculate your advertising budget, you need to determine your gross mark-up, or gross profit. This number is important because you can use this fund to help your business grow. Say you take in $7,000 a m ...

How to Keep Your Current Advertisers?

510 views |12 March / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Nate Rodney, C+

As a website owner, you understand that advertisers help to offset your operation costs and bring in an additional source of revenue. These companies purchase the ad space that you have available, with the h ...

The Advertising Potential of Car Graphics

565 views |15 February / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Tony Boehm, N/A

Advertising is something that is often expensive, but this is not the case as far as car graphics are concerned. Vehicle signage and graphics advertise your products and services at no additional cost once ...

Elements of a Good Advertisement

585 views |14 February / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Nate Rodney, C+

A good advertisement is an advertisement that generates many sales. Crafting such an ad is a challenging task to master. It requires creativity, experience and likely a series of experiments. While your ad m ...

How to Choose a Good Advertising Designer?

443 views |5 February / 2013, Advertising/Advertising by Nate Rodney, C+

The right ad creative can bring more prospective clients to your website. This powerful and visual advertising tool is an important sales lead that will spark people’s curiosity and have them explore your ...

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