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Why Ignoring Direct Mail Marketing is a Bad Idea

362 views |26 August / 2015, Advertising/Direct Mail by Damon Za, N/A

Technology has changed the way businesses market their products or services. Now, there is a plethora of marketing services available to choose from. While, most businesses prefer to shift to new marketing m ...

Explaining Direct Mail for Non Profits

331 views |26 May / 2015, Advertising/Direct Mail by Damon Za, N/A

How can Non Profits Increase their Engagement with Donors through Direct Mail?Nonprofits can vary their material depending on whether they are sending the mail to regular donors or to first time ...

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Performing Email Campaign Tasks With Software

438 views |23 December / 2013, Advertising/Direct Mail by Johnn Smith, D

Email marketing is a dominant method you can exploit for online marketing of your business - when utilized in the right way. Effective use of software for email marketing campaign most prominently depends up ...

Email Marketing Tracking Software For Effective Online Marketing

409 views |29 November / 2013, Advertising/Direct Mail by Johnn Smith, D

The modern online marketing world has become very competitive. Now online marketers need to have a more powerful technique that can help them to stay on top in the competition. An email marketing tracking so ...

Useful Ideas for a Great Direct Mailing Campaign

1,192 views |15 November / 2011, Advertising/Direct Mail by Vicky K. Russell, C-

Direct mail is a great supplement to your marketing strategies. If done right, direct mailing campaigns can help you generate leads, bring in new customers and increase your income. To get your direct mail ...

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