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Advertising is both an art and means of brand communication. The prior objective of an advertising campaign is to endorse the product, brand, service or business in order to create brand identity and simultaneously to serve as a communication channel which will reach out to the target group. Advertising is considered the core of any business activity. Advertising not only creates a brand identity for a product but also provides buzz among the target group about the same product or brand. There are two perspective of launching an ad campaign. Under one perspective, advertising promotes existing brands to the existing target audience while under the other perspective; advertising attracts a new pool of target customers for either a new brand or existing brand.

Advertising connects brands and customers through various channels to ensure that the brand or service stays in the loop of any marketing activity which is prevailing around. A particular brand gains mass appeal from its target group through a proper channel of advertising which deploys the right and targeted ad campaign. A wide range of advertising options are available for advertisers. However, the latest trend of advertising world is Mobile and Internet Advertising. Mobile and Internet are the two most personalized devices of an individual which is why advertising your brand through these two channels will provide the preferred and besieged result from your target audience.

Mobile Advertising

Media industry keeps on changing from time to time and media owners are on the hunt to extend their brand experience to the various mobile customers and further utilize revenue opportunities in mobile value added services. Mobile Advertising is a new territory found for media owners and advertisers who are willing to gauge the market response quickly and effectively. A wide range of advertisers have so far switched to mobile advertising. A complete spectrum of mobile advertising options include-

- SMS advertising

- Voice SMS Advertising

- Contest Hosting Ads

- Voice portal

- ARBT services

- Mobile gaming

- Multimedia services

- Miss call alerts etc

Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising is quite in vogue in the market. Internet Advertising provides immediacy and effectiveness to advertisers while conveying the advertising message. Gamuts of advertising options via internet include-

- Banner advertising

- Viral marketing





- Pop-up ads

- Affiliate Marketing

- Link popularity

Mobile and Internet both have opened new avenues for brand advertising in a more engaging and interacting manner. To sum up, mobile and internet ads provide rich accountability, good measurability and quick reach ability to the advertiser or media owner.

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