When and How to Raise Your Advertising Price?

Increasing your advertising price is a necessity for the success of your business but it may also seem like a terrifying thing to inform your clients and partners about. When is it the right time to c

Increasing your advertising price is a necessity for the success of your business but it may also seem like a terrifying thing to inform your clients and partners about. When is it the right time to consider a new pricing policy and how do you make it happen without losing clients?

Do Some Strategic Planning
The increase in your ad rates should be justified. Think about the several factors that will help you determine the quality of your website or media outlet. Once you understand your performance better, you will become capable of taking the right pricing decisions. Is your website traffic increasing? Do you have a loyal audience that participates in the discussion on a daily basis and contributes to it? If the answer is yes, it may be time to reconsider your advertising price. In order to increase the price, you have to give your clients something in return. Guaranteeing a specific audience is the best way to attract new advertisers and to bring up your website’s revenue. A loyal audience is equally valuable. The calculation should also include your budget and operation costs. Think about advertising rates that will help you cover expenses and generate revenue. Examine your current revenue report to figure out how much money you will need for smooth business operations in the future. This is the only way to improve your business and to ensure its growth.

Give Customers Some Explanation
There should be some reasoning behind your pricing and the timing of the increase. Tell clients why they need to pay more and what they will be getting out of the price increase. You can give them guaranteed impressions or page views. Whenever promising something, however, make sure that you are capable of delivering. Advertisers today have many tools that they can rely on to assess the performance of their marketing campaign. Refrain from making big promises, if you are incapable of delivering. If your website is still lacking traffic, you should probably postpone the increase. Make sure that your clients know from the very beginning that your advertising pricing is not static. Letting them know that there could be adjustments will give them time to think about marketing budget and working with you. You may also think about a loyalty discount for some of the older clients. It may be the simplest way of introducing the new advertising price without losing the advertisers that you are mostly dependent on.

Be Confident about the Price Change
Some clients may get angry with you but others will understand that high quality has its price. It is important to introduce the changes with confidence and to let the world know that the development is positive and ensuring the visibility of ads. You have the right to increase your advertising price. Some of the clients that you have good working relations with will be expecting such a change as your website grows and its traffic reaches high figures. There is no need to apologize to anyone or feel pressured to provide discounts in order to keep a client. If your performance is really that good, new advertisers will find you soon and show their interest in working with you.

A Professional Presentation is the Best Way to Let Your Clients Know
Your clients deserve a good presentation that includes your reasoning and the benefits that they will get out of the price increase. Make sure that your website contains detailed information about your current advertising rates. Call loyal customers and explain what is going on and why you are going to change the pricing. A professional presentation will make all the difference in the world and justify your decision. If you fail to make a great impression, you will probably find it difficult to get new advertisers that will pay the higher price. Though advertising price increases are something vital for the success of websites and media outlets, they are connected to many uncertainties. Make sure that you are capable of providing a high quality service that will compensate for the price increase. Time it right and have a business plan to back up the decision. Be confident and inform clients in a punctual manner. Managing to achieve all of these steps will increase the chances of success and positive acceptance of your new pricing policy.

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