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Avoiding Common PPC Mistakes

62 views |26 April / 2017, Advertising/PPC Advertising by Mystech Dynamics Inc., N/A

The digital marketing world is vast. It encompasses many aspects: search engine optimization, social media optimization, web design, up to paid advertisements. All these practices have one goal: to increase ...

Get Started With Google Adwords to Grow Your Business

302 views |20 May / 2015, Advertising/PPC Advertising by adesh singh, N/A

Latest business strategy being adopted by businesses is to keep services cost effective so that more consumers can be reached. The ideal strategy that would work is approaching the consumers at the right tim ...

Importance Of SEO Or PPC For Your Local Business

263 views |19 May / 2015, Advertising/PPC Advertising by Michael Barnes, C-

SEO and PPC are often seen as two different types of strategies. Though both of these are quite different in many ways, but have a single target area and that’s ‘search’. SEO and PPC can prove to be ex ...

Easy Profits Using Ppc In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

304 views |12 March / 2014, Advertising/PPC Advertising by Matthew Bryan, N/A

Let us take a quick look at how PPC Search Engines work.These engines create listings and rate them based on a bid amount the website owner is willing to pay for each click from that search engin ...

How Google AdWords Will Kick Start Your Website Into Gear?

430 views |21 February / 2013, Advertising/PPC Advertising by verzdesign, N/A

For many business owners, one of the most difficult aspects of running their business can be how to draw customers. Many have set up websites in hopes that will bring in additional customers, yet with the va ...

Where Should I Place Advertisements on My Website?

452 views |17 May / 2012, Advertising/PPC Advertising by Nate Rodney, C+

Proper placement of your advertisements on your website can boost your click through rate (CTR), in turn, increase your advertising revenue. With so many locations to pick from, where is the most profitable ...

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