Letterhead Printing done the Easy way

A well crafted letterhead will help you stand out against the competition, promote your brand, generate new leads, and make direct sales.

Good branding is done through good communication skills. If you can talk to your customers effortlessly, then you will have more chance of promoting your brand to your target audience. The question though is how you communicate well with your target customers. Would email and instant messages suffice? Or would you need a more personalized way of communicating with them?

There are practically a lot of ways to communicate with customers and prospects. If you want a cost-effective way to do it, you can invest in letterhead printing. A well crafted letterhead will help you stand out against the competition, promote your brand, generate new leads, and make direct sales. If you want to make the most out of your letterheads, here are quick tips you can consider:

* Go for a unique design. There are no strict rules in designing a custom letterhead. You can pick any design you want and use any style you deem fit for your business. You have the option to put your logo and your contact details anywhere you want. You don’t have to stick with the standard header letterhead. If you want to go unique, you can decide to put your contact details and logo at sides or bottom of the page. You can even opt for die cutting or foil stamping to add a distinct appeal to your design.

* Pick high quality paper stock. To ensure you get the professional and personalized appeal to you desire, you have to make sure you use premium paper stock. A thick and heavy paper will give you the credible appeal that will help you build trust and relationship among your customers and prospects. You can always ask your designer or printer for the best type of paper to use for your material.

* Add valuable details. Aside from putting your contact details on your letterhead templates, you can always add additional details on them. It can be your top products or the benefits you provide. You can also turn the sidebar into a tear off coupon which your customers can use whenever they use purchase from your business. Free samples, trials, and rewards are also good additions to your letterhead. These valuable additions will surely catch your customer’s attention and encourage them to take action at once.

* Make sure to print your material effectively. You have to look for a reliable printing company that will understand your need. If you are not familiar with the printing process, it is best to leave the job in the hands of the experts. With the number of printers in the market these days, you will surely find the one that will give you the best print job.

* Create a matching envelope. To maintain consistency and complete your professional appeal, you need to make sure that you create a high quality envelope. This will further communicate to your customers that you are a serious and established business, so make sure to spend enough time and attention on your envelope as well.

Be sure to send mail with your letterhead all the time. As an important branding tool, your letterhead should be seen at all times. Keep in mind that the more people see your brand and your letterhead the more likely they will remember you. This can translate into sales and profits later on.

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