Why Bumper Sticker Printing Is A Good Marketing Move

As we hope you have now realised, bumper stickers can be powerful marketing tools

When you start to think about those ‘must-have’ marketing tools, is bumper sticker printing one of the first things to spring to mind? For most people, probably not, and there is nothing wrong with this. Whilst they shouldn’t form the centrepiece of your marketing campaign, there can be no denying that these sorts of stickers can play a major role in brand promotion and sales. Therefore, they should at least be considered.

Bumper sticker printing will actually award you (and your business or cause) with a number of marketing benefits. Whether you run a store that is trying to garner customers, a business that is trying to sign up new clients, or a charity trying to drum up some support, these are all things that you will benefit from. Some of the benefits you will receive include:

A single sticker can reach hundreds (even thousands) of potential customers, clients or supporters every single day.

Well written and well designed stickers can promote your brand image and lend a sense of solidarity to your support base.

A sticker can help to promote direct sales via memorable website URLs, locations (or addresses) and phone numbers.

They are cheap to print and, when they’re well designed, customers and supporters will want to proudly display them.

It is for all of these reasons (and many more) that you should definitely be considering bumper sticking printing as a viable marketing technique. It should be noted, however, that simply printing these stickers out won’t help you to achieve the brand awareness you desire – make sure that you follow these tips when planning your next campaign:

KISS (which stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid) is the golden rule that you must follow. You want the content to be short and sweet so that it’s easy to read and understand.

Large fonts are much easier to read than small ones from a distance (this should be a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people don’t actually consider this).

If the goal of your sticker is to garner a response, make sure you use a memorable URL or phone number. Remember that people will be driving and cannot write details down.

Striking artwork and attention grabbing images can help to get the attention of drivers, but don’t get too detailed or you will risk distracting them from your message.

Contrasting colours (like yellow and black) are easy to read and will stand out. Don’t use colours that are too similar, otherwise people will need to squint to read them.

Use white space to make sure your text is easily read; coloured or image backgrounds can sometimes prove to be distracting or will make your content basically illegible.

Only use humour if it contributes to your message and brand image. Yes, funny bumper stickers can be memorable, but they don’t necessarily sell. If you can do both, go for it.

Avoid the use of QR codes and other forms of instant interactivity (unless you’re targeting passengers) – the last thing you need is for your brand to be linked with accidents.

As we hope you have now realised, bumper stickers can be powerful marketing tools when they incorporate good design, compelling content and an attention grabbing or memorable message. Sticker printing should not be an afterthought of your campaign – it should be right in the forefront when the campaign is first being constructed. This will ensure that your strategy will give you the most for your money and that your marketing budget will be well spent.

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