Three Important Goals for Sending Out Printed Postcards

Marketing postcards are useful in many ways, especially for small businesses.

Marketing postcards are useful in many ways, especially for small businesses. If you running a small scale venture, you can employ printed postcards to promote your product or service. You may also use them to announce an event. Generally, postcard marketing is employed to accomplish three goals: to generate sales leads, create repeat sales or simply establish contact with customers.

Generating sales leads
Printed postcards are often sent to prospective customers as the first step in generating sales leads. After that, a follow up mailing is directed to the most qualified leads in order to provide them with more information. The goal of your marketing postcards in this approach is to motivate the recipient to ask for more information whether by phone, fax, mail or even email. This will help you build up a more valuable mailing list with names that you can follow up with and eventually, close the sale. To arouse the interest of your prospects, you may start by introducing your company and then offering an incentive like a free gift to those who will request it. You may also consider organizing an event wherein your prospects can take part for free once they return their response.

Creating repeat sales
While it is always great to gain new customers, selling to current ones is still much easier. However, you shouldn’t stop with getting repeat orders. Increase the quantity and frequency of your customers’ initial purchase by making some suggestions and sending them more information about your other products or services as well. Customers who are satisfied with a business will surely come back again and again, provided that they are given constant satisfaction. Satisfied customers would certainly want to hear when you have new products or services to offer. You may also want to encourage them to make another purchase by using your printed postcards to announce your latest promotional offers.

Establishing customer contact
Even you don’t have a particular new product or service to offer, you can still send marketing postcards to your customers. Keeping in touch with your target market is an effective strategy in creating awareness for your brand and company. The gesture will also let your customers know that you always have them in mind and you value their continued patronage. To give you an idea, consider taking advantage of birthdays and anniversaries as well as holidays to send out postcards to people and extend your sincere greetings. You may also want to mail out postcards whenever there’s an event or changes in your company that you deem to be newsworthy. Regularly sending out marketing postcards will help your business to stay on top of mind of your customers.

Ultimately, printed postcards are popular with small business owners simply because they are practical to produce and easy to distribute. Make the most of these marketing materials by determining your main goal whenever you decide to send out a batch to your target market. These three goals are just an overview of what you can do with a postcard marketing campaign.

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