Looking for Acting Classes New York? CLISAM Offers a Uniquely Personal Experience

It’s true that there may be lots of choices for pre-professionals seeking acting classes in NYC today. However, there is one studio that is worlds apart from today’s average workshop or program.

It’s true that there may be lots of choices for pre-professionals seeking acting classes in NYC today. However, there is one studio that is worlds apart from today’s average workshop or program. More than simply acting classes New York, CLISAM (Chekhov-Lecoq International Studio of Acting and Movement) offers unique and personalized coaching and instruction for pre-professionals and even seasoned theater talent to instill renewed self-discovery, confidence, growth, and real-world networking opportunities.

The overall environment maintained in John Charles Murphy’s studio is a creative space where students feel safe, with kind, supportive compassion from peers and staff empowering them to expand and grow. There is no room to harbor fear and apprehension when one chooses a course, program, or workshop that nurtures creative development and builds skills. The focus of CLISAM is tested and true: To help each person expand more fully as an individual in the performing arts. Actors are trained in a wide range of movement-related fields utilizing a number of inspirational teaching methods. In addition to neophyte basics, acting, and improvisation techniques and practice on all levels, the Chekhov-Lecoq International Studio of Acting and Movement emphasizes gaining a genuine understanding of the psycho-physical aspects of building and playing characters.

One of the most important benefits of Murphy’s acting classes in NYC is that as actors take part in a journey of self discovery, skills acquisition, and individual growth they will have exclusive opportunities to meet, be critiqued by, and introduced to successful directors. These opportunities will assist students in forming powerful networking relationships that may help to springboard their career efforts further – even after the courses, or workshops, have ended.

For serious actors that aspire to learn and grow, CLISAM offers a unique teaching philosophy that combines the inspiration and methods of the master teacher, Jacques Lecoq and the visionary actor/teacher Michael Chekhov. Understanding that teaching principles change and adapt through time, John Charles Murphy introduces an inspirational curriculum that emphasizes full participation of the individual. The studio integrates imagination, body, voice, mind, and spirit through collaboration, creativity, and coaching excellence for every student. Murphy bases his teaching philosophy and practice upon many theatrical masters, his own extensive background, and contemporary influences of today's performing arts.

To learn more about acting classes New York, CLISAM free trial workshops, and the studio’s upcoming Summer Intensive Workshop, visit www.clisam.com. These unique courses are scheduled to begin on July 16, 2012 and complete details, registration, and pricing are available online. Considerable savings are available with early sign up. Achieve your dreams in the performing arts by getting the instruction, coaching, and personal development you’ve been seeking. CLISAM offers training for both professionals and pre-professionals who wish to boost or continue their training in a more personalized and positive environment.

Robert Spelden is an acting student with a heavy focus on classic theatrical and performing arts influences. He prefers to stay abreast of acting classes New York. Robert’s articles often provide insight to the teachings behind modern performing arts curricula.

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