How Christian Chapman is Adding Life to Portraits!

Christian Chapman provides one of the world’s largest collections of Best Wall Art that adds creative style on walls.

Christian Chapman, an internationally acclaimed artist with over 20 years of hands-on experience produces amazing and wonderful pieces of artworks in unique and dynamic styles. He offers one of the worlds latest and most modern catalog of portrait artworks depicting the real and character attributes of the subject for viewing and for sale. The artwork done by Christian Chapman is prominent in the USA, Canada, Europe and all over Australia. He uses the techniques of loose/bold and expressively detailed brush strokes in his portraits. His masterful use of hand paint brush & airbrush techniques depicts the specific idea of the beauty of his subjects. He is an expert in Original Canvas Wall Art, Portrait Artworks, Tattooed Portraits, Musician Portraits, High-End Paintings on Metal, Ocean Paintings and Celebrity Portraits.

  • Christian Chapman working on his Musician Portrait of Eminem

Christian’s musician portraits depict the real features and soul of music. There is a wide range of musician portraits available at Christian’s catalog of paintings representing colors of artistic depth. It also offers an extensive and affectionate gallery of beautiful portraits of popular celebrities.  One of his recognizable portraits is the famous Musician - Eminem, who is an American Rapper, Actor and Record Producer. Working on this portrait, Christian Chapman depicts the real attributes of Eminem representing his true identity in soulful music. He believes it is so important to accurately show the inner character of the subject he is painting. It took a lot of creativity and time to reach the in-depth into Eminem’s personality and the sense of music indulged in his portrait. He has worked on this portrait with deep artistic thought to get beyond the practiced facial performance and to reach the perfection of the picture. The innovation from the soulful music is taken into consideration while painting this picture.

  • Christian Chapman working on Metallic Visions

The prominent artist from Australia has hands-on experience with the paintings of his stunning artwork on metal.

This series shows Original Acrylic/Sparkling Paints Handpaint Brush/Airbrush on Metal. Christian has utilised a high end medium with the Metal that is completely unique contemporary/modern & classy. All the Metal Paintings have sparkling paint & Christian's secret method is activated in the sun or by halogens & designed to reflect light. The High End Metal Art Pieces are then finished with a super high gloss. The sheer brilliance of the light & colours change depending on your focal point.

This painting titled ‘Metallic Visions’ is one of the most vibrant and dynamically designed creative Ocean artwork among all the artworks on metal. This artwork depicts the modern style expressively designed to catch the eye of the viewer. It is a symbol of incredible and unique metal artwork. The brilliance and the beauty he uses in this painting are marvelous and breath-taking. This ocean artwork represents the two worlds separated by the surface of the ocean - First World is the Underwater World representing the colorful seawater life and the above World is full of Sunset, a beautiful picture of a woman and the oceans waves with a lining of Sun-rays on it. The calmness portrayed in this artwork depicts the dark part of one’s life and this picture is the sign of innovation as it shows the meaning of a new beginning with inspiring rays of light in every dark part of life. It basically contrasts the reality of nature with the fantasy. Innovation from the sea is taken into consideration while portraying this picture.

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