How To Make A Great First Impression As A Musician

That way, people will trust your consistency with time.

In life, we should know that people will always make snap judgments about us even though we tell ourselves not to make snap judgments about them. But that’s how first impression works in today’s society. Psychology says that it takes 7 seconds for us to make a first impression. Yes, it is up to us whether or not we want to create a great first impression or even a bad first impression. If you are a band looking to improve your band’s reputations and boost more music fans into your music realm, there are more effective ways to make a great first impression as a musician than just looking for concert venues to hire. If you need to know how, keep reading this article to learn more!

In the music business, as much as any business, other people’s perception of you and the reputation you carry has as much impact on your career as your music ever will. I’m not telling you to be "fake nice," because people can always tell. You should be genuinely nice. Be on time. Know your material. Deliver a professional performance. These are the things that will leave people wanting to have you back.

Always be on time for your music performance

When it comes to performance on stage, being on time is a must and I’m not talking about correcting and testing your guitars while doing a sound check on the stage. I’m talking about being on stage to perform your music. Time is precious. Your audience will not get on queue to see your performance only to wait more for you to get ready. Come in time to do a sound check or instrument check at the backstage before going to the real stage, because the moment you come on stage, that’s where your music begins. That way, people will trust your consistency with time and will also come on time to see your music performance. In fact, they will be your loyal music fans.

Always make time to meet anyone who wants to meet you

You don’t always have to belong in the Hollywood life in order for you to have fans who want to meet you. By having a band that performs awesome music performance, sometimes you will get yourself your own fans club in the process. Be humble – it also makes a great impression when bands take the time to meet their fans after shows. Try your best to say hi to everyone, sell your merch, sign stuff, thank people, etc. Why wouldn’t you, though? These are the people who pay your bills.

Start social media and your official YouTube channel

Music is for everyone to listen, everywhere they go. Even if you are not currently on your performing schedules, sharing your music everywhere should be your enthusiasm as a musician. The best platforms to showcase your music performance is social media platforms and your YouTube channel. Not only people are able to listen to your music everywhere they go, this will also be a tool for you to communicate with your music fans. Also, if you are new to the music industry and haven’t performed your music on stage yet, social media and YouTube can help you reach your target audience by introducing yourself to the online world through your music. If they like your covers or original songs you have performed for social media and YouTube, they will be excited to attend your real concert on stage.

Sometimes, despite the efforts of making a great first impression, there is not always a good turnout. Sometimes your sound onstage will suck. Sometimes you’ll get ripped off. Sometimes you may fail to entertain people on stage, but it doesn’t really matter. If anyone at all is there, you need to give your best performance. Do your best to perform your music by constantly and consistently practicing. After all, practice makes perfect; that’s how you reward your music fans’ loyalty – by performing your best music performance.

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