A Simple Guide On The Essentials Of Organizing A Baby Shower

Foods that are on the menu for such an event are usually bites and fork buffets because they are easy to prepare, eat and clean up after everything is over.

It is generally the responsibility of the best friend or a close female family member to organize a baby shower. Usually, the host of the party plans and organizes for everything from deciding who to invite, to providing food and drinks at the party. The baby shower is normally held during the last trimester of the pregnancy and is the last fun event for the mum to attend before she becomes a mother. As a general rule, it is a preserve of women, and men are not invited. There are a few things that serve as a check list with which to do the planning with, and these will be more or less what is needed to make the baby shower complete.

Preparing the guest list is an integral part of the planning because it is from it that you will make the budget on what amount of food to buy and how much space is needed to accommodate your guests. If the baby shower is planned as a surprise to your guests, then the responsibility of the guest list rests upon the planner. The mother of the mum-to-be or the partner, are the best people to go for in order to get a list of all her friends. If it is not a secret affair, then the mum to be can help in coming up with names of people she would like at her baby shower occasion.

Invitations should be sent out early in advance so that people are able to create time for the event. It is also wise to give enough time for any changes that may arise prior to the big day. The following are some of the details you will need to include in the invites:

•    The name and identity of the person in whose honor it is being held

•    The date and location the party is planned to be held

•    The contact details of the host and any other person involved in the planning

•    If the party is going to be a surprise or not

•    A gift list if available

•    The theme of the baby shower

A baby shower should be all about the expected baby and the new mum coming soon and this should reflect in the decorations. Things that children love such as balloons, flowers, fairy lights and candy are all examples of things that should be used in decorating for a baby shower. Some mothers know beforehand what gender of baby they are expecting and this should also be used to decorate the theme. The traditional color for a boy child is blue, while for a girl child, the color is pink.

Foods that are on the menu for such an event are usually bites and fork buffets because they are easy to prepare, eat and clean up after everything is over. Including a cake as part of the bites is a very good idea, and should be complete with candles for the mum to blow out. The idea is to show the mum to be that you are also excited about the expected baby.

It takes a lot of planning to organize a party right. For more ideas and tips, you should visit a reliable party site to make this process easier for you to navigate.

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