How To Create A Party Guest List

While it is mainly a personal decision on who to invite and who to leave out, it may be helpful to keep in mind a few more tips when compiling the guest list.

The mood of a party is often dictated by the guests who attend the event. Therefore, it is important for you as the host to consider the chemistry of the people you are inviting over. Remember that it is going to be more like a social event and people need to interact with each other. While it is up to the host to decide who to invite and who to leave out, there are general rules that should be adhered to for the success of the whole event:


-    If you think of the party in the same way you would think of any other social event, you realize that it could be an opportunity for many like-minded people to mingle and socialize. It probably will involve a meeting of people who do not know each other but who are eager to meet new people.

-    Thinking of the party as a get together event will help bring together friends that have not seen each other for a long time. These should be people who would love to visit but their schedules do not allow them to.

-    While it may be viewed as a personal initiative, party planning needs support even from the guests. Invite people who will appreciate being invited and who will help in the success of the event.


-    Refrain from inviting just one class of people either aligned to profession or interests. A room full of only journalists or only teachers beats the very essence of bringing people together

-    There are some people that do not just fit in the guest list but you feel obligated to have them over. This should be totally avoided because apart from spoiling the general mood of the party they will also feel awkward in a crowd in which they do not fit.

-    The greatest action to avoid when planning out the guest list, is inviting known enemies in the hope that they will make the party lively since they have to speak to each other.

While it is mainly a personal decision on who to invite and who to leave out, it may be helpful to keep in mind a few more tips when compiling the guest list. This has to do with what kinds of people to invite and why to do so:

-    A banker should be on your list because they are always in the loop regarding industries, the stock market and investments, and can be very good in talking about what is happening in the economy.

-    A journalist will always want to know about current issues and they are always collecting information. Getting one on the guest list will guarantee that people have someone to engage them in conversation.

-    A F&B professional should not miss the guest list because everyone loves to talk about good food. People especially like talking to someone who can make their everyday chores simpler such as cooking.

-    A marketing professional is good company for a party because they will have a say in everything that involves consumer trends.

If you are not really a good party planner, make sure you get help from people who know how to organize a party. This can be your friends, family or from a reputable portal that offers party planning tips.

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