Most Outrageous Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies take place in every industry, entertainment, music to food and hospitality.

They exist to celebrate, promote and recognise the achievements of individuals and so they deserve to go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, there’s always someone or something ready to ruin it for all; luckily some of the ruined award ceremonies make for some hilarious moments. We’ve compiled some of the most outrageous award ceremony moments for your amusement.

Jarvis Cocker moons Michael Jackson at the Brit Awards

In 1996 at the Brit Awards ceremony Pulp’s lead singer Jarvis Cocker found MJ’s display of biblical imagery with his performance of Earth Song too much to bear. Mid performance Jarvis crept onto stage, dropped his trousers and showed the world his bottom. Way to steal the limelight from the King of Pop!

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift by saying, “Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all-time!”

There is a lot of speculation over whether the MTV VMAs 2009 might have changed Taylor Swift’s career for the better; it’s not everyday you’re addressed by legend-in-his-own-right Kanye West! Ok, ok, he might have only interrupted her to tell her that his mate Beyonce did better, but that moment made it to youtube within moments of occurring and it still spoken about.

Native American actress and activist Sacheen Littlefeather refuses Marlon Brando’s Oscar

In 1973, Marlon Brando won the oscar for the Godfather, which he declined. In front of millions of viewers Sacheen Littlefeather declined to accept the award in order to make a political statement. Whilst many of the audience members booed her, and Brando, the small act of defiance remains one of the most political statements made, inspiring a new generation of artists such as Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Judy Finnigan’s “wardrobe malfunction” at the National Television Awards 2001

TV’s Judy Finnigan is best known for hosting This Morning and Richard and Judy is what you might call a national treasure; a friendly face to wake up to and deliverer of all things UK. However, she gave viewers quite the eyeful when collecting an award at the National Television Awards in 2001. She was blissfully unaware until John Leslie ran onto stage to cover her up.

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