The Adventure of the Black Lady - Aphra Behn – A Light Read

The Adventure of the Black Lady by Aphra Behn is a book which is amongst her very many well renowned works of drama.

Fair Jilt & Oroonoko or the royal slave is amongst many of the works of Aphra Behn who is a well-known fiction author. British playwright, poet, translator & fiction writer, Aphra Behn produced one of the greatest fiction marvels -The Adventure of the Black Lady. She was the first to earn her living from her literary marvels. This book is a story of about a young damsel called Bellamora, who was bearing the consequences of her un-thoughtful & ignorant behavior and stupid decisions towards her admirer Mr. Fondlove. During her courtship with her beau Mr. Fondlove, she gets pregnant and tries to run away without realizing and making any intelligent choices for herself & her unborn child. The insecurity & insensibility leads her to run away, lie and escape to an obscure future, without realizing the depth of the consequences & the gravity of the situation.

Self-pity and un-thoughtfulness

The ambiguity further increased when she was not able to find her cousin, who she was strongly counting upon for help during the critical time period of her life. She left her native land and moved to the town of Covent-Garden, where she thought she would find Madam Brightly, a cousin whom she could not find. She was strangely surprised that she could not learn anything of her; nor so much as meet with any one that had ever heard of her Cousin's Name. In this anxiety & perplexity she quite forgot her Trunk and Money, which shows her highly ignorant behavior and her inability to maintain calm in such situations. The victim mentality of Bellamora I brought forth when she self-pities herself, for calling her shamed, ruined, and damned & forever lost. Instead of marrying and maintaining her good sense and exercising intelligence further stepping into a stable future, with Mr. Fondlove, she chooses to foolishly maintain a weird notion & unreal projection of looing her love & Mr. Fondlove ceasing to love her post delivering the baby.

A dramatic display of thoughts & actions

The story here speaks of greater extravagance of grief which was so extreme, until she was rescued by Fondlove’s sister who removes her doubt that Fondlove would not marry her after she has delivered the baby. She assured Bellamora and added the child was her own Brothers. Convincing Bellamora to marry her brother and spend life peacefully & happily. It is a light humored fiction story, meant for a light read. The whole dramatic display of thoughts, actions and consequences is highly engaging and full of surprises. Inspired by the ordinary and humane instances this book has much which one may easily relate to & come across during everyday life. From the tragic start to a romantic end, the book has much to do with the portrayal of the fickle mindedness & indecisive attitude of a young damsel. The Adventure of the Black Lady by Aphra Behn has a beautiful end where they both agree to marry each other. Very logical in approach she agrees to marry him even when she had delivered the baby; putting an end of the Dispute, towards a happy future.

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