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The Chapel Studios by London's most Talented Music Producer

53 views |30 March / 2017, Arts & Entertainment/Music by The Chapel Studios, N/A

The Chapel Studios is a high-end recording studio in London. It is one of the most premier recording studios in U.K which is located in Wimbledon, South West London. The most exciting thing about The Chapel ...

Apple Updates Garageband and Releases Music Memos

294 views |21 January / 2016, Arts & Entertainment/Music by Q3 Technologies, C+

Apple is staying true to its word of being the true all-in-one user-friendly system for everyone, including musicians and DJs. The company has released a major update to Garageband, and has released a new ap ...

Death of the iPod: The Music Player that Changed the World

418 views |31 July / 2015, Arts & Entertainment/Music by Q3 Technologies, C+

As desperate fans hopped online to check the Apple’s official website and rushed to retail stores, one of their products mysteriously went missing – the iPod. Apple discretely removed their ...

Download Britchops Drum Tuition - For all Beginners

520 views |7 November / 2014, Arts & Entertainment/Music by britchops, N/A

Music is life for many individuals. You must have seen that many people love to sing or even like to play any musical instrument. However, it is wise to know that learning any instrument is not easy as it se ...

How To Choose Your Wedding Entertainment

492 views |27 August / 2014, Arts & Entertainment/Music by Gary Grace, N/A

So you’ve arranged the date, booked the church and/or venue and now you need to hire some wedding entertainment. As you have probably never booked any entertainment before, here are a few tips when making ...

How Much Should I Pay For Wedding Entertainment

521 views |28 July / 2014, Arts & Entertainment/Music by Gary Grace, N/A

If you regard your wedding as the most important day of your life then you will want everything to be perfect and also want your guests to remember that it was a fantastic day. They probably won’t remember ...

10 Top Tips For Booking Your Wedding Entertainment

512 views |25 July / 2014, Arts & Entertainment/Music by Gary Grace, N/A

A professional wedding singer or wedding band usually works almost exclusively within the wedding industry and so will be well-used to dealing with venues, timing flexibility, wedding protocol etc., which ma ...

The Divine Composer Named Johann Sebastian Bach

548 views |13 May / 2014, Arts & Entertainment/Music by Mary McKenzie, N/A

Born in Eisenach, Saxe Eisenach in the twelvemonth of 1685, this German composer started his musical vocation with studying to perform the violin and the harpsichord, which his dad instructed him to perform. ...

Tips & Tricks for Using Offline Bounce In Pro Tools 11

547 views |21 February / 2014, Arts & Entertainment/Music by Allen Hill, C-

There is a ton more to the Bounce engine than only the capability to perform quicker than continuous renders; the whole list of capabilities has been stretched to provide for you the most extreme adaptabilit ...

Employment Opportunities for Pro Tools Artists

536 views |22 January / 2014, Arts & Entertainment/Music by Albert Mitchell, D

Engineering has been associated with hard structures like machines and buildings and thus one can rarely imagine that it can even be associated with a creative pursuit. Audio Engineering is one such emerging ...

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