Rapper Zach Diamond Releases Another Great Song — New Release

17 year old rapper Zach Diamond already has a presence online as his YouTube channel allows him to post both original songs and covers of popular hits.

17 year old rapper Zach Diamond already has a presence online as his YouTube channel allows him to post both original songs and covers of popular hits.

“Listen listen listen listen. A lot of people talk but they don’t listen. Just a young man on a mission. I really hope that you see the vision. “  -Listen

Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Zach is a man on a mission to dominate the airways with substance, social consciousness and positive messages. Not only is he setting himself a part from others with his subject matter, he is bringing that true hip hop flow and technique. With mumble rap being so prevalent now, Zach does not rely on catch phrases gimmicks and tricks, he spits constant fire without even taking a breath. His latest single Listen is a perfect representation of who Zack Diamond is and what he stands for.

The track in itself is a trap beat with heavy 808 and an addicting piano chord loop. It’s aggressive and fiery sound gives way to the assertiveness of his delivery. In the first verse, Zach is expressing his determination to find success in the industry. He sets forth the drive that he reathas possessed sense he was a child. This verse is very urgent. A make it or break it type of feel. He has waited his whole life for this moment and you can feel his excitement as he pushes through the bars. He lets it be known that he has worked very hard to get to the place that he is at today. He continues to empower himself as he hurdles over adversity.

“Everything I do I go hands on. I built a platform I could stand on. See I want to do the best and if life is a test Imma feel in the blank like a scantron.”

Zach points out the importance of prayer in his life. As a Christian, he adds that his religion and spirituality play a vital role in his daily life and career. Zach’s personal story can be used as motivation for the listener. They can pull out different tools and lessons from the song and apply it to their own personal path.

The second verse calls for elevation and self-evaluation. The wise notion of “Once you learn better, you will do better” is at the forefront. Lessons that he has learned throughout his life he has been able to apply them to his career. He calls for others to do the same.

“Something tho that’s very devastating. People go to school but they ain’t educated.”

Listen uplifts and makes you dance at the same time. Zach Diamond shows that his lyrics can be gritty and street without using profanity or disrespecting anyone. The song fits in easily with the top 40 of mainstream Hip Hop.

Zach released a snippet visual to the song on his YouTube channel and his fans have already given it the stamp of approval. Listen to the song on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/zachdiamond_/?hl=en or on soundcloud @ https://soundcloud.com/zachdiamond. Make sure you check out his other hit songs on Spotify and apple music. You won’t be disappointed

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