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The big day that you been planning for months is around the corner. After choosing the perfect dress, venue and cake you remember you haven’t thought about the music.

The big day that you been planning for months is around the corner. After choosing a nice dress, venue and cake you remember you haven’t thought about the music. A reception cannot take place without good music to entertain the guest and set the atmosphere.  When it comes to music you can choose between having a DJ or a live band. Most people prefer a live band because it adds a personal touch to your wedding. Most bands upon request can write and perform special songs for the couple. Toronto has numerous bands and choosing a good band can be a tricky process.

Tips to consider when selecting a band

It’s important to remember that a band can make or break your wedding occasion. The first thing is to consult wedding planner and family members. Wedding planners who have worked on a numerous number of weddings in Toronto will refer you top reliable bands in the market. Also ask for referrals from friends and families who have hired certain bands for their weddings. This will narrow down your search and leave you with only the best to choose from.

Decide on the type of band you want for your wedding. Your musical taste will play a factor in making the final decision. However remember that most people attending may not like your kind of music. Choose a band that is versatile and can play different kinds of music upon request.

Contact the manager of the band to set up an appointment. Inquire about their level of professionalism and affiliation to music associations. Demand for a live performance or a CD or video of a recent wedding performance. The meeting should focus on synchronizing your schedules and negotiating the time and hours the band will play. A good band will arrive on time to the venue and will conduct themselves in the utmost professional manner. The cost of a band is relative to their popularity and the contract term agreements you will decide on.  Decide on the times that are appropriate for the band to take breaks and play music. This will avoid confusion and boredom for the guests.

Consider making the band leader your official emcee at the reception. This may cost you a little extra for him to introduce you at the wedding party and introducing guest speeches and cutting of the cake.  Make sure the band has liability insurance as well as backup performers incase of an unprecedented emergency. Ensure all the contract details are clearly elaborated in the contract.

The contract should include the obligations expected of the musicians. Details of logistics and transportation of band equipment and care of sound equipment should be included. The hours the band is expected to play should be clear and so should payment terms. The terms of payment should include the minimum playing fee, hourly rates and the minimum deposit. Don’t leave any detail to chance and only sign the contract when it satisfies your requirements. Finally enjoy your wedding day with music from Toronto’s best wedding band.

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