10 Top Tips For Booking Your Wedding Entertainment

A professional wedding singer or wedding band usually works almost exclusively within the wedding industry.

A professional wedding singer or wedding band usually works almost exclusively within the wedding industry and so will be well-used to dealing with venues, timing flexibility, wedding protocol etc., which makes wedding entertainment unique. However, to avoid any pitfalls, here are 10 tips to follow:

1) If searching the internet, use phrases like ’wedding singer’, ‘wedding band’ or ‘wedding entertainment’, as this will eliminate a host of other entertainers that might not be suitable for weddings.

2) If you have a particular style of music in mind, then refine your search for things like ‘string quartet’, ‘swing singer’ or ‘swing band’ as this will make your search more specific.

3) Request videos of your wedding singer or wedding band ‘in action’, rather than demo tracks. Anyone can sound good in a studio, but you need to ensure that it sounds good ‘live’ too.

4) Ensure that your chosen wedding entertainment has current Electrical Safety (PAT) and Public Liability Insurance (PLI), as most venues will require this before allowing them to perform.

5) Check that your chosen wedding entertainment has contacted the venue to ensure that they have enough space, power sockets etc to accommodate them. Most professional wedding singers or wedding bands will do this as a matter of course, but it’s always wise to check...don’t leave it until the day to find out that the 8-piece swing band that you booked is too large for the room!

6) Be clear about everything that your wedding entertainment has included in their quote, in terms of arrival & set up time, the total amount of playing time and whether this includes any ‘extras’ like providing a microphone for speeches, background music between sets etc. You don’t want to be faced with additional charges by asking for things on the night that haven’t been included in the price.

7) Similarly, ensure that any specific requirements that your wedding entertainment may need (ie facilities for changing, case storage, food, soft drinks etc) have been arranged with the venue and that these will be provided. Again, you do not wish to be charged extra on the night because of any oversights in providing any requirements.

8)  Make sure that your wedding entertainment is aware of any issues regarding your chosen venue’s regulations such as ‘sound limiters’ (ie. machines which cause musical equipment to ‘cut out’ if the volume is too loud) or limitations on the times that music must end by.

9)  Check the dress code of your chosen wedding entertainment. Most professional wedding singers or wedding bands will be suitably attired and of smart appearance, but it’s always worth checking that they are not a ‘t-shirt & jeans’ band (unless this is what you require, of course).

10)  Finally, be sure to arrange prompt payment for your wedding entertainment and not leave people running around at the end of the night, trying to find the person that has the money.

Gary Grace is a top swing singer, Sinatra, Wedding Singer, Rat pack and Jazz style big band swing vocalist for weddings, private functions, corporate events and cruise liners.

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