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Major Types of Animation

723 views |10 March / 2015, Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art by Ajay Sharma, N/A

2D animation films like Lion King, 3D animations such as the blockbuster Avatar, or stop-motion animation films like Fantastic Mr. Fox, everyone loves a bit of animation in its varied styles and types. Havin ...

Best Indian Art Magazines for the Art Lovers

420 views |22 October / 2013, Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art by Carlton Mansour, N/A

By the statement, an art gallery is a place where art is brandished. Usually the art which is put on showcase will be visual in nature such as sculptures, drawings, collages, watercolors, paintings, costumes ...

Personalize Your Surfboard With Trendy Decals

417 views |26 August / 2013, Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art by Roscoe, N/A

Surfboards are not exactly cheap and you want to make sure yours stands out from others. You can choose to give it to a professional decal printing service or try designing and applying graphics yourself. If ...

Getting an Aboriginal Culture Education

490 views |13 April / 2013, Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art by Eric, N/A

If you have always been interested in the history and culture of aborigines, there are a lot of resources out there that could provide you with plenty of useful information on the topic. You do not necessari ...

Why You Should Consider Custom Framing for Your Sentimental Items and Photos

834 views |15 December / 2012, Arts & Entertainment/Visual Art by Alex Harper, C-

We want to protect the things we care about, so that they don't come to harm. That's why we frame our photos, paintings, jewelry - to protect our more sentimental objects from the otherwise inevitable enviro ...

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