Author Grade Explained

Author grade is achieved by submitting quality articles that are successfully approved on Otherarticles. This is a steady way of gaining a moderate grade. But to achieve the high grades your article has to be so well written that it gains the attention of the editors who will in turn make it featured on the site, (editors pick). Getting your article featured will give a great boost to your grade possibilities. We don't just throw As & Bs around like the wind, so if you have achieved anything above a C then you are a skilled writer because it's hard earned, it's not easy and it is something to be proud of.

To sum up what a high author grade represents:

  1. Writes only unique articles
  2. Writes great content
  3. Adheres to our submission guidelines
  4. Submits interesting and readable articles
  5. An Expert in good grammar and the English language

Having a good author grade can also play to your advantage when it comes to promoting your writing services in our marketplace. The author grades are as follows:

"You are indeed one of the most skilled authors on this website!"
"You writing skill is superb!"
"You’re among some of the best authors on this website!"
"Expertise is hard to come by, but you got it!"
"You produce top quality content, no doubt about it!"
"Well done! You are definitely good at writing and know what you’re doing."
"Pretty good!"
"You have got some skill, and this proves it."
"Your articles are being approved because you can write well."
"The first step on the grade ladder, we are just getting to know your skill."
"We don’t have enough information about your writing style."

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