Turn Up The Tunes With The Best Radio For The Road

We all know that haulage workhas its benefits, but nobody will deny that it also involves long hours and little human interaction. Shut up in your vehicle for miles on end, you might be searching for some way to entertain yourself – after all, ‘I Spy’ is a two-player game!

There are many leisure activities that are impractical – and totally illegal – to indulge in on the road. I’m talking a quiet pint (absolutely not), a tricky crossword (far too distracting) or chatting on the phone (very dangerous). Thankfully, there are safe ways to keep yourself alert and entertained during your drives. Surely, the radio is every driver’s best friend: with such a variety of music and discussion on offer, there is something to suit every taste!

Radio Rock Stars

Though tuning into a radio station is a lot easier than it used to be – unless you’re travelling through the Welsh valleys! – flicking from programme to programme is dissatisfying and distracting. To help you tune in to a top-quality programme the first time around, I have compiled a selection of great radio shows that are a perfect accompaniment to haulage work. Let’s get started!

For the Sports Lover

Sadly, you probably miss out on watching your regular team play in matches or on TV when you’re on the road. Thanks to catch-up TV, you can watch your fill when you get home, but in the meantime, you can tune in to The Danny Baker Show every week. Baker is the ideal easy-listen show for sports lovers, as he covers the ups and downs of the sports world with his own special sense of humour. The show often features sports-legend guests, as well as fun facts about your favourite athletes’ lives. It is not to be missed!

Catch it on: BBC Radio 5

Something Sophisticated

If the inane chatter of radio DJs is getting you down and you’re looking for something a bit more substantial to listen to when you’re behind the wheel, check out the wonderful Desert Island Discs. This long-running show has been around for over 50 years, which is not surprising, as it has a brilliant formula. The charming Kirsty Young interviews one outstanding person each week, and they introduce the eight records they would take with them to a desert island. From celebrities, such as Ed Sheeran, to ancient rockers to scientists and historians at the top of their game, Young’s guests are always fascinating and bring a range of great music to share. Before long, you’ll be pondering over what you would take with you to the fictional island!

Catch it on: BBC Radio 4

Comedy Chuckles

When the monotony of haulage workgets you down – we all know it can happen! – simply tune into Angela Barnes’ hilarious Newsjack for a chortle, a chuckle and an outright belly laugh that’s sure to put a smile back on your face! Barnes’ unique take on the events of the day will not only keep you informed, but will also entertain. The sketches include fake movies trailers, classic one-liners and interviews all submitted by the general public. You could even work on a sketch of your own to send into the show!

Catch it on: BBC Radio 4 Extra

These top-quality shows are sure to keep you entertained during your next haulage workassignment. Enjoy!

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