How to Give Your Passengers a Comfortable Ride

If you are going on a long journey and are driving to your destination then it can be easy to become a bit self-involved.

If you are going on a long journey and are driving to your destination then it can be easy to become a bit self-involved. You're the driver after all so it's important to make sure that you are going to be comfortable and that there won't be any distractions to prevent you from keeping your eyes fixed on the road.

Just focussing on ourselves though is a big mistake when you have passengers as actually it can be quite distressing to be in the back of the car for a long time when you're not comfortable. It might not be crucial for your safety, but for their happiness and wellbeing it's certainly important. Here then we will look at how to make sure your passengers are happy and comfortable in the back of your car.

Give Them Space

Of course this is going to be limited to a degree by the space in your vehicle and size of your car, but there are ways to make them more space. One example of this is to make sure you keep your chair as far forward as possible so that they can stretch their legs out, while another is to make sure that you aren't travelling with too many extra things in the back if they aren't completely necessary.

Keep the Temperature Pleasant

Listen to your passengers when it comes to the temperature and make sure to check with them regularly. Don't open the window wide at the front for instance if it's going to make them freezing cold, and don't refuse to let them open the window because you'd rather use the air conditioning - listen to what they want and appease them.

Provide Comfort

You can provide a range of additional things to make their journey more pleasant and comfortable and this will come at no cost to you. For instance leaving them some food in the back, some pillows and some blankets can help ensure they are able to sleep if they want and that they won't go hungry. If you have kids though avoid fizzy drinks and things that are liable to make them ill.

Providing entertainment can also help, particularly if you have small kids. Even just a tablet strapped to the back of your chair with their favourite film playing can make a long journey much more bearable for you all.

Drive Smoothly

Your car can be as nicely organized and as well cooled as you like, but if you shake your passengers around like a tin of sardines then they won't be happy. To avoid this, make sure you have maintained your suspension and your tires and that the latter are well pumped. Avoid gravel tracks and potholes and drive slowly over speed bumps and lumps in the road. Perhaps most importantly, be slow when going around corners or swerving down country lanes which can shake your passengers from side to side. Just remember at all times when you drive that there are people in the back and that you're trying to give them as easy and pleasant a ride as possible.

These tips will help you keep your passengers happy when you drive - just maintain your vehicle and keep your passengers' comfort in mind. For wheel machining visit BSA Wheels!

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