Buying a Bull Bar

If your car didn't come equipped with a bull bar as it left the showroom floor, you may not have even considered the need for one.

If your car didn't come equipped with a bull bar as it left the showroom floor, you may not have even considered the need for one. Some people think they improve the aesthetics of large cars, whilst others vehemently disagree. Arguments about aesthetics aside, bull bars are a functional tool that can be very handy for a wide range of purposes, as well as improving the safety of passengers in your vehicle.

Why Do I Need a Bull Bar?

The reasons for owning a bull bar are not immediately apparent, but once you are aware of them they are quite compelling.

Firstly, bull bars are a crucial piece of safety equipment when driving in outback Australia. In the wide open spaces of the centre of the country, there a few if any fences and wildlife as well as cattle wander onto the road at will. Hitting a kangaroo, or cow, with your car is bad news – it can cause thousands of dollars of damage. A bull bar mitigates that damage to a large extent. A well-constructed bull bar will take the impact of a collision with an animal and spare the more fragile panels of your vehicle.

In addition to this, there is a large range of safety and recovery equipment, which can be fitted to a bull bar, such as recovery winches and floodlights. Both of these are a great help in negotiating the long and treacherous roads in the Australian outback.

Safety Compliance

Whether you are buying new from the shop, second hand, or are having a bull bar custom made, you need to ensure that all safety standards are met. The Australian government has very strict safety standards in regards to bull bars. This is because in a vehicular collision, a poorly designed bull bar can prove fatal to the occupant of the vehicle it hits.

Before purchasing a bull bar for your vehicle, consult with the motor registry department in your state to ensure that you will be in compliance with all safety standards and guidelines.

Quality Construction

As well as ensuring safety compliance, you should be on the lookout for quality construction. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the same is true for welding on bull bars. Being essentially various pieces of metal welded together, one weak weld can make an entire bull bar ineffective. It is important to check the quality of the bull bars construction before it is fitted to your vehicle – you don't want to discover flaws in a situation where you need it most!

Where to Buy

There are a number of places where you can buy a bull bar to suit your vehicle. Many people just go straight to an off road vehicle store and buy a ready-made bull bar. Whilst there is nothing wrong with doing this, these bull bars are designed to fit a broad range of vehicles and may not fully suit your car.

The ideal solution is to have a bull bar custom made to fit your vehicle. While this may be more expensive initially, doing the job right the first time can save you money long term. There is a number of workshops which specialise in fabricating and fitting bull bars, so if you need a new bull bar contact your local supplier today for an appraisal and quote.

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