Cleaning Tips for Sparkling Car Window Glass

Cleaning your car's windows and windshields is extremely important because it not only appears beautiful, but also improves visibility for drivers and passengers.

Cleaning your car's windows and windshields is extremely important because it not only appears beautiful, but also improves visibility for drivers and passengers. Dirty windows can obstruct the driver's view and this can increase chances of getting involved in an accident or collision. However, it is impossible to save your precious automobile from everyday dirt, bugs, tree sap, old sticker, bird droppings, greasy spots and other debris. Though cleaning the car glass windows is one of the most tedious tasks, it is your responsibility to keep them in a sparkling condition to avoid any hazard. If you desire to clean the glass like a pro and with correct tools and techniques, read on this article which contains the effective tips to achieve streak free results without the headaches and hassle.

Select the right glass cleaner

Ammonia and ammonia fumes can cause plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather to dry out and can damage any tint that your windows may have. Thus, it is necessary to use a glass cleaner that does not contain any ammonia, alcohol or toxic ingredients. Apart from the health and automobile damage concern you should also think about the impact your cleaner will have on the environment. So, select the perfect product that is non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. 

Interior first and then the exterior

Begin your cleaning process with the interior rear window and then reaching the exteriors at the end. This is the only way to save your windows and the rear-view mirror from stray spray and other cleaning products.

Use a high quality towel

When it comes to clean glasses with towel, many people opt for old t-shirts, towels, socks, and even newspaper. However, one has to understand that it is certainly not the best choice as these materials may cause scratches, streaks and missed spots.  Even though it can be your cheaper option, it is essential to use high-quality, glass cleaning microfiber towel of at least 300 GSM to get that beautifully cleaned window.

Use a buffing motion

While a circular motion can appear to be actively buffing away any streaks and marks from your car's windows, a straight back-and-forth and then up-and-down motion will ensure that the entire surface including the small edging area at the top of the window has been cleaned and wiped down thoroughly. This is one effective tip that will fetch you result as per your requirements.

Wait, do not rush!

Once you are done with the cleaning, it is necessary to wait for at least 20 minutes and let the surface dry completely. Do not just rush and drive because this may give out some unusual streaks or marks on glasses.

Remember not to clean your valuable car's window directly under the sun or in very hot conditions. This is because when the liquid will evaporate, the fumes left behind will be easily inhaled and eventually may cause serious health issues. So let it dry naturally in a cool environment.

Following these tips will help you get the effective and inexpensive results. Moreover, your work will be less challenging and less time consuming.

Cleaning your car window glass is extremely essential because it will not only look beautiful but will also enhance the visibility for drivers and passengers. Get in-depth information about the same by clicking this link.

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