The Importance of Spark Plugs in Boating

There's not much to know about spark plugs, so this small article should help you understand most things about them.

There's not much to know about spark plugs, so this small article should help you understand most things about them.

Reason 1: Without Spark Plugs, your Boat Wouldn't Start:

The first thing to have in mind is that without spark plugs your boat wouldn't even start, how's that for a reason? Indeed, this is the best reason we can give you on why you should save no money on spark plugs, since they are one of the most useful pieces your boat has, and low quality spark plugs tend to wear out quickly, leaving you with a boat that is drifting and making you paddle your way to safety or jumpstart the vehicle if you have luck and one or two good plugs.

If the plug box wears out though, you're fresh out of luck and you'll definitely have to find another way to get to the shore.

So, think again before buying a low end spark plug set – yes, because most of these are sold in sets.

Reason 2: So important, some are made of Platinum:

As we talked about in the last paragraph, there are low quality spark plugs and high quality spark plugs, like those made of platinum. A platinum spark plug will cost you more, but you will end up saving money in the long run since it will last for longer and will not fail you as much as low quality spark plugs such as the copper spark plug.

They will still burn out, because electricity flows through them damaging and slowly getting the life out of them, but they will keep running for much more time – we certainly advise you to look for high-end spark plugs if you're serious about boating.

Reason 3: If a spark plug fails, the others might help save you

Let's face it, sometimes you shut down your boat in the middle of a large body of water, or worse – at sea – and you enjoy some quiet time fishing. Well, once it is time to go home you'll have to start your boat, and if a spark plug happens to fail at the wrong time, then you'll have the others to maybe help bail you out.

The highest quality spark plugs usually have spark plugs that are more probable to hang on if their companion fails, thanks to the materials they are made with, the spark plug gaps between them and so on.

Reason 4: When Replacing a Spark Plug, Replace the Whole Set

Finally, when one of the spark plugs goes down, even if the others look and work good you should always replace the whole set, as the others might not be far behind and you'll probably buy them in sets anyway.

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