VW Golf Mk7 GTI Performance Parts

This year is going to see the launch of 2015 Volkswagen Golf Mk7 GTI which is an improvement on the Mk6.

One of the newest and hottest VW’s to hit the market this year is the 2015 Volkswagen Mk7 GTI.  A true enthusiast model, the GTI began flooding the US market in June. This is actually a special model considering, Volkswagen is celebrating their 40th year of Golf and more than 30 million sold.

The Mk7 is much like an Mk6, only more detailed.  In terms of looks, it’s wider, sharper, and lower.  In terms of performance, it’s lighter, faster and more responsive.  All this and many more for a car that is ultimately affordable.  It’s the “People’s Car” and the best bang for your buck. It is above average in every single category.  The MK7 is great for the young guy buying his first new car.  Meanwhile, the GTI is fitting also for the more mature.  It’s small enough for compact city driving, yet big enough to fit in a party of five with comfortable spacing.  And for enthusiasts, it’s a great project car to build into a performance machine.

Stock Mk7

In its base trim, the 2015 Volkswagen GTI’s front-wheel drive, turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine is more efficient, yielding 210 hp.  It’s a modest gain, but comes with a significant boost in torque.  The Mk7 Golf is the first of VW Group’s MQB Platform to be solid in the US.  The chassis is larger, yet 100 pounds lighter.  Its geometry also allows for a better center of gravity and less body roll.  An improved suspension and limited-slip differential facilitate a smooth ride.  The car is more stable and predictable, with better connectivity between front and rear.

Looks-wise, the GTI is distinguished as a compact hatch back with its signature black honeycomb mesh grille and red horizontal line in the front, fitted with a dual set of pipes in the back. Inside the cabin, the GTI comes standard with leather seats, black on black everything, accented by red stitching and metallic trimming.  If you get the S, you can select the plaid seats.  

It’s much more than an economy class vehicle.

VW Performance Aftermarket Parts for the 2015 GTI

With quite the package already in place, the MK7 GTI is the perfect model for performance mods.  At the moment, manufacturers are racing to the finish line to release the latest VW GTI Performance Parts, so there may not be a whole lot out there yet.  But each month, be prepared to find new products for this build.

APR recently released a few upgrade options for GTI owners. They made the stage 1 ECU tune and a carbon intake available for those looking to add significant gains to horsepower and torque.  There are also a few brands out there right now offering aftermarket Mk7 GTI exhaust systems to improve airflow and performance, as well as, enhance the look and sound.  As time goes on, be on the lookout for new braking systems, intercoolers, suspension systems, wheels and more.  A growing collection of VW MK7 GTI performance parts can be found here: Golf MKVII 2015+.

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