2014 Odyssey Achieves TOP SAFETY PICK+ in IIHS Test Earning

Many people will have seen the acronym IIHS floating around car review sites. IIHS, as noted previously.

Many people will have seen the acronym IIHS floating around car review sites. IIHS, as noted previously, is an acronym which stands for Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The IIHS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to make the roads and highways of America safer by testing all manner of sold vehicles for things such as structural integrity, crash safety and so on.

The IIHS has two primary tests which they use to rank cars and three primary rankings that follow. The two primary tests are the moderate overlap frontal crash test and the much more stringent and demanding, small overlap frontal crash test. The former entails that the front of the vehicle in question be exposed on forty percent of its surface area to an uneven impact whilst traveling at forty miles per hour. The second test, the harder of the two to pass, is precisely the same as the former test with one intriguing difference - only twenty five percent of the surface area of the vehicle is exposed to the crash. This means the second test shows much more the strength (or weakness) of the tested vehicles structural integrity.

Testing ratings are as follows, from best to worst: good, acceptable, marginal, and poor. Only one of many different minivans that have undergone the small frontal test has ever passed with flying colors - the 2014 Honda Odyssey. During routine small frontal overlap testing the Honda Odyssey received a "Good" rating and currently remains the only minivan ever to achieve the top ranking for the test by the IIHS.

The Odyssey has been known for a long time to be the hallmark for fuel economy and convenient features but the IIHS's test has also put it at the top of the safety charts as well. This structural efficiency is due to the new ACE body frame system Honda implemented in the design process for the Odyssey which works to offset and diffuse the kinetic energy generated by a crash as evenly as possible throughout the entire frame of the vehicle. This means that, in the event of a crash in a Honda ACE infused car, there will far less likelihood of spinal, neck, or pelvic injuries (which are caused primarily by small width impacts) than in other vehicles using standard, old fashioned body frames. IIHS has publicly stated that they commend Honda for their commitment to safety and excellence, because no matter how expensive your car is you can always replace it, your families, however, are priceless.

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