Why The Catalytic Converter Is The Most Valuable Component

Anyone who plans to sell scrap cars for cash is probably well aware that many vehicles contain something that is known

Anyone who plans to sell scrap cars for cash is probably well aware that many vehicles contain something that is known as a catalytic converter. This is a part that was standard on all cars that were made in the mid 1970s and was added to cut down on pollution. The converters were made with precious metals (such as platinum and rhodium) that were ‘baked’ into the catalytic comb, which makes them incredibly valuable when selling for scrap.

These days, catalytic converters are one of the highest priced items per piece in the scrap metal industry – and, since the mid 2000s, they have become one of the most commonly stolen components. This is because they’re located underneath the vehicle, which makes it quite easy for thieves to cut or even rip them out without much fuss. The converters are then taken to scrap yards where they are sold for a high return (and some quick cash).

Why are they so valuable?
The catalytic comb is generally made from ceramic. It can be removed from the casing, but it should be noted that this will significantly reduce the price and value of the components. When your scrap yard prices and classifies the converter, they will quote based on the year, make and model of the car that the component has come from. This is because this information has a direct correlation with the amount of precious metals that can be found inside.

How are we putting a stop to theft?
Many states are trying to crack down on catalytic converter theft by making it illegal for scrap yards to purchase these parts from the general public without the title to the car that they have come from. In other words, you need to prove that you own the car that the converter is coming from. If you’re scrapping the whole car (instead of just its valuable parts), it’s likely that this law will be waived – the whole vehicle is clearly damaged beyond repair.

Those who work with cars to make a living (such as mechanics and wreckers) are generally not required to produce the title, as they have usually registered with their preferred yard. It is expected that, in the course of their daily work, they will encounter parts and components like catalytic converters that can be sold for scrap metal. Just be warned that, if you’re dealing with a yard that you don’t normally, you may be asked for a title or paperwork.

If you want to sell scrap cars for cash, we hope that the information provided in this article has shown you just how valuable the catalytic converter can prove to be. Just keep in mind that, if you plan on selling this component separately to the rest of the vehicle, you may be asked to produce the car’s title before the scrap yard will give you a quote. With so many precious metals contained within the comb, it makes sense to milk it for all it’s worth.

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