State Inspection in Texas: A Brief Guide

If you live in Houston, Texas, you need to get state inspection done for your vehicle.

Sate Inspection In Houston

Since the advent of the motoring age, it has become essential to prevent the damage of loss of life and limb of others or the motorists themselves through motor accidents and other vehicle related problems. Hence, forward thinking countries and states across the world have implemented modern rules and legislations for the safety of their motorists and citizens.

If you live in Houston, Texas, you need to get state inspection done for your vehicle. Since Motorist’s safety is a top priority in Texas, vehicles registered in Texas are required to pass an annual inspection. This is done to ensure compliance with safety standards.

In Texas, safety inspections are required throughout the state. However, emission testing is required in 17 Texas counties so that they can comply with the federally mandated clean air requirements. The right place to go to for state inspections in Texas is at an official Vehicle Inspection Stations licensed by DPS.

The state of Texas has now moved from a two sticker regimen (car registration + state inspection) to that which uses just one sticker. Previously, there were two stickers on the windshields, but one sticker has now been eliminated. No, the state inspection is not being eliminated, but only the sticker is. Instead of getting the sticker, the results will be entered in to a state database. This will be done by the person who in charge of inspecting your car. When the registration is renewed, the state will find the inspection data, and you will get sticker. So, each year around when your registration expires, an inspection will be necessary.

Some of the vital spares and components that need inspection are as below:




Seat belts

License plate lamp

Rear red reflectors

Windshield wipers


Stop lamps


Beam indicator

Turn signal lamps

Brake system

Head lamps

vehicle identification number

Inspect for window tinting or coating

Wheel assembly

Exhaust system

Gas caps on vehicles

Since vehicle inspections are required in Texas, it is mandatory for the safety of the drivers and occupants and others on the road. Today, official vehicle inspection stations that are licensed by the DPS are authorized to conduct your vehicle’s state inspection. Most stations have ASE certified technicians to inspect and repair your vehicles according to the rules of the Department of Public Safety.

While coming for the Texas Vehicle Safety Inspection, it is required to bring certain proof of liability insurance, wherein any current state insurance is acceptable. You also need to make the payment via cash, check or credit cards. At the same time, you will also need a photo ID, which must be current and valid.

Let’s hope that your state inspection in Houston Texas goes smooth and that you clear your test right away!

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