How to be the Most Efficient Auto Dealer in Town?

Dealers can improve productivity, lower costs, and streamline their process with WebRTC.

Businesses need to operate at peak efficiency to be able to handle the ups-and-downs of an economy. Improved productivity and better cost efficiencies is essential for every business in order to consistently maintain superior business performance.

Auto dealerships like every other business, are constantly exploring the different ways by which they can improve their functioning.  Today using technology is a sure-fire way to gain significant advantages in both operational and cost efficiencies.

By leveraging new tools and technologies dealerships can discover and implement solutions that improve productivity, reduce costs, and streamline their business processes. One such path-breaking technology is webRTC, which is allows for real-time audio and video communication without the need for any special software, plug-ins or hardware, requiring just an internet connection. The technology is increasingly being adopted by businesses across the world as it simplifies and enhances communication, while being cost-effective.  Auto dealerships can benefit from deploying this platform on their websites.

Real-time collaboration tools such as co-browsing, live chat and video chat bring in overall efficiencies by improving the sales processes and customer service processes, which can turn your business into a highly efficient one.  Customers are also preferring such tools as they make the online journey on your site more productive and convenient. Research shows that  live chat is being increasing preferred thanks to its conveniences, with its usage shooting from 38 percent in 2009 to 58 percent in 2014. This trend is bound to get only stronger.

Using the right tools can bring manifold benefits to your business:

  • Cost effective IT solution: Secure and easy communication with customers and business partners is a vital need for any business. Video-chats, co-browsing and live chats enable high-quality communication at low cost, using which sales staff at an auto dealer can interact with the customers during their car shopping journey and offer personalized advice. Deploying these tools is not expensive as they need no software licenses, any special IT infrastructure or hardware.
  • Fast turnarounds: Buying a car is a complicated process involving lot of questions, clarifications and documents. The customer care process in an auto dealership is made more efficient since customer support staff can use auto dealer chat to proactively engage with the customers, and answer questions or sort out issues immediately remove irritants such as long phone hold-time or delayed email responses. This level of speedy resolution improves quality of service, leading higher satisfaction levels among customers.
  • Higher productivity of sales personnel: Real-time virtual engagement tools are a valuable facilitator in the sales process. Car buying involves complex discussions on car models, their features , financing options and documentation. By having an instant-communication channel enabling face-to-face interaction, sales personnel are able to handles questions and provide reassurance with ease. File and content sharing features support instant exchange of documents which cuts down transfer time. The customer rapport and trust built in the process with automotive chat can bring about faster sales closures.
  • Higher customer satisfaction & retention: High quality customer service experienced by customer encourages them to recommend the dealer to others. This improves the sales pipeline and also provides the sales team with leads without having to spend marketing dollars on it. Such cost efficiencies add up to improving the business’s overall efficacies.
  • Flexible Solution: Along with being cost-effective, this technology is also flexible and scalable. It connects both desktop and mobile platform, ensuring that businesses can seamlessly provide the same service regardless of the device the customer is using without having to invest in separate infrastructure.
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