New Shell Fuel Station Finder from FLEETCOR

Quickly find the nearest fuel station with New Fuel Station Finder from FLEETCOR.

Start of New Shell Fuel Station Finder from FLEETCOR in Europe

The Shell Station Finder is expected to be highly beneficial for commercial fleet drivers who have to travel long distances and encounter several issues such as refueling and vehicle maintenance. Other concerns including basic amenities such as restrooms, eateries and more are also addressed. Though best suited for fleet drivers and managers, this service can also be used by anyone traveling long distances, across borders or in the case of an emergency.

The Fuel Station Finder allows users to find the nearest Shell fuel station and additionally partner fuel stations as well. This service is particularly useful since it also displays specific information for every fuel station including various types of services offered by them. Information about available fuel types, accepted cards, shops, restrooms, truck service, and 24/7 opening hours are also available.

The collaboration of FLEETCOR with Shell Global and other partners allows the users to track specific fuel stations. Users can also find out if the particular station accepts Shell international single, multi, or country-specific Shell fuel cards. It is a targeted product to serve the drivers carrying company authorized euroShell Card.

Analyzing the specifications of a Shell Station Finder / Shell station or a partner station, the drivers just have to visit the stations which they are assured of receiving particular product or service. It is also useful for small car drivers that regularly need to travel but often face problems on route due to incomplete information about fuel stations and the basic services they provide.

FLEETCOR fuel cards can be regarded as a cost-control solution for businesses. While recorded fuel purchases are just one advantage, such cards also offer the convenience of easy billing. Moreover, transactions made by fuel cards are secure as they come with a PIN that assures that it cannot be misused.

FLEETCOR helps all major oil companies as well as small petrol marketers by providing a wide range of services such as commercial fuel card programs, so that they can enhance their customer base through regular visits from fleet businesses. Its solutions are highly adaptable and customizable that offer effective business solutions for partner companies.

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