New Online Map of Shell Petrol Stations in Slovakia

The new map service from FLEETCOR helps drivers see which fuel stations accept fuel cards from Shell and its partners.

A New Shell Fuel Station Finder from FLEETCOR

FLEETCOR, being an official partner of Shell, has developed a new solution called " Shell Fuel Station Finder" that has been recently launched, and its functioning covers fuel stations located all over Europe. The innovative product is expected to be a game changer for commercial fleet drivers as it allows them to locate the nearest and any other European Shell and Shell partner fuel stations that accept their Shell fleet cards and to take advantage of other services available at the selected station. The solution provides detailed information on Shell and Shell partners fuel stations including address and contact details, business hours, services offered, a list of accepted fuel cards, types of fuels available, and specialized truck services. It also shows a list of amenities such as restrooms, convenience stores and eateries. Another nice and handy option will help drivers to easily locate the nearest stations for automotive supplies as well.

One of the key features of the finder is its ability to show the specific types of fuels available at each Shell or Shell partner station located in Europe. The solution provides details on different types of fuels such as diesel, V-Power diesel, V-Power Racing 100, and Super 95. Such information allows drivers to choose stations that meet their specific needs in whichever European country they might be.

The finder is also capable of calculating the best possible route to the nearest Shell filling station, thus helping drivers to plan and optimize their journey. When estimating the most appropriate route, they can also plan stoppages based on the availability of services. The new solution is a convenient tool that allows to faster deliver goods to their destinations all over Europe and improve logistics efficiency.

The long-term benefits of this service for businesses are evident. With Shell card kontakt , fleet management companies get not only top-quality fuels for their vehicles. Access to a most convenient multifunctional online service is at the customer’s disposal as well. This management tool makes it possible to interactively monitor fleet fuel consumption and transactions, keep track of costs, order new cards, change status of the active ones or immediately block them, introduce restrictions (territorial, service-related, etc.) for each separate card, generate various customizable reports (including financial ones), etc. Each euroShell С ard is secured with a PIN, making it impossible to be misused even in case of loss or theft.

To ensure the network of fuel station accepting euroShell С ards is large and widespread enough to be conveniently reachable by vehicles anywhere in Europe, FLEETCOR has teamed up with more than 800 partners including major oil companies and even small petroleum marketers with a single fuel station. Quality, reliability, security, convenience for partners and customers are among FLEETCOR's top-priorities. Hewing to these principles, the company keeps improving solutions and services and developing new tools for fleet and oil businesses. All of this combined with the new locator service is intended to help fleet managing businesses and their drivers to improve logistics efficiency.

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