University Tackles Industry Recruitment Issue

In another positive move for the logistics and delivery work sector, Aston University has announced that from this September onwards it will be running a full NOVUS degree in logistics and supply chain management.

The degree will be an extension of the NOVUS Light course already run at Aston University, which is in the top 100 universities providing supply chain courses in the world, according to SCM World University 100 Report.

Why Aston University

The university is well placed to offer the degree as it already runs an acclaimed MSc programme in supply chain management, which is jointly taught by the engineering and business schools.

Ed Sweeney, Director of the Aston Logistics and Systems Institute and Professor of Logistics at Aston University, said: “Aston University is based in the heart of the logistics sector and is the perfect location for NOVUS to expand its scheme and take the next exciting step in its delivery of supply chain management talent.”

He added, “We have been running NOVUS Lite with NOVUS since 2015 and are proud to announce the introduction of its full degree in business and supply chain management. We expect the course to be very attractive to applicants because it guarantees graduate employment in a supply chain management role with one of NOVUS’ 25 sponsor companies, as well as providing students with guest lectures, mentoring and summer and third year placements.”

The new degree at Aston will extend the teaching to include a wider range of logistics and supply chain issues as well as the management techniques involved in delivery work. Students will complete the course with a BSc (Hons) degree, the hope being that the course will help stem the gap in recruitment in the logistics sector.

The program is an extension of the course launched at the University of Huddersfield in 2013 which has proven very successful there.

An Extension of the Huddersfield Course

Andy Kaye, CEO of Bis Henderson Group and chairman of the NOVUS Trust, said of extending the Huddersfield course to Aston: “We saw our first cohort of graduates in July 2016 and are committed to providing superlative graduates as the long term, strategic answer to the serious skills gaps and shortfall of graduate talent evident in the logistics profession. There are currently around 120 students seeing the benefits of NOVUS and, with two universities now offering the full course, there is the capacity to have many more.”

Increasing Employment in the Logistics Industry

One of the most important elements of the course is that students are guaranteed employment in supply chain management and the delivery work sector with one of the course sponsors after their degree. Sponsors of the course include Arla, Asos, Bis Henderson, Muller, Nestle, Sainsbury’s, SIG, World Fuel Services and XPO.

With a new course attracting students this year, the effects on employment in the logistics and supply chain industry should begin to show in the next few years, as qualified students, taught by industry experts, work their way into the sector.

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