The Iconic and Capable Jeep Brand

When a person hears the Jeep brand, one thought always comes to mind: a four wheel drive vehicle that can traverse.

When a person hears the Jeep brand, one thought always comes to mind: a four wheel drive vehicle that can traverse different terrains even if the area is flooded. The Jeep will always be remembered as one of the toughest four wheeled vehicles in history.

The first Jeep vehicle was actually made out of necessity. The time was World War II and the US Army was looking for a vehicle which was reliable, fast, lightweight, and an all-terrain type which could be mass produced in no time. Over 130 companies were invited to do it but only two responded due to the condition that the prototype should be made within 49 days. Only Willys-Overland, Ford and the Bantam Car Company responded to the call.

The first prototype design was submitted by Bantam on July 22, 1940, but it had a flaw relating to the weight of the Jeep. Although the weight limit was 1,300 pounds and the company was able to pass it, the vehicle was actually heavier than it looked. Bantam then proceeded to build the first prototype and it ran smoothly on September 21, 1940 which met the 49 day deadline. The first prototype vehicle passed with flying colors and it was then used as the basis for other companies to use.

Willys and Ford then offered their own prototype designs to the US Army. The Willys had the Quad while Ford had the Pygmy. Both companies made their own modifications and changes to the original design made by the Bantam company. Willys and Ford Jeep vehicles were used during World War II and were common in the battlefield.

The word Jeep actually comes from different rumors and claims. Some people say that it came from a slurring of the acronym G.P. which was short for General Purpose vehicle. Others say the word was used to designate a truck that had special equipment attached from oil well drilling. Willys obtained a US Trademark Registration in 1950 for the Jeep trademark and was also internationally registered. The ownership was passed down from Willys-Overland to Kaiser to American Motors Corporation, and now to the Chrysler Corporation. To this day, the Jeep trademark is owned by the Chrysler Corporation and they own over 1,100 registrations for it all over the world.

Today the Jeep Brand currently has five models of the vehicle but there are nine vehicles that are under the brand name or have the Jeep logo. The Jeep Wrangler, a 4WD off-road and sport utility vehicle, is a common Jeep vehicle nowadays. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-size SUV which has a unibody chassis and always uses that type of chassis in its other models. The Jeep Compass is a compact crossover SUV along with the Jeep Patriot which is the same type.

The Jeep brand will always have a mark in history and provide the same usefulness and durability like the older versions of the vehicles in the past. Jeeps are proven to be one of the best vehicles to drive which every owner will truly appreciate.

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