New Innovations from Chevrolet to Keep Children Secured

The safety of children when they are traveling as passengers in any vehicle has recently become a matter of concern fo

The safety of children when they are traveling as passengers in any vehicle has recently become a matter of concern for auto safety groups who have seen a growing trend of children moving out of booster seats and safety restraints before they reach the recommended height and weight. Recommendations state that a child should be at least 57 inches and over 80 pounds before they can transition to the use of a seat belt when traveling by car. The auto maker Chevrolet has recently been looking at the best ways of improving child safety in its vehicles and has made some interesting alterations to its 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab models.

A major problem identified by Chevrolet was the large size of many of the most up to date child safety restraint systems, which often require up to 80 percent of the rear seat base to be available to provide a safe and secure base. Within the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab the rear seat has seen a dramatic update that allows the safer installation of child safety restraint systems and booster seat to make their use simpler and encourage their correct use.

Chevrolet developed their new rear seat design, which includes an innovative side cushion design in response to a national study showing nine out of ten parents allow their children to move out of safety restraints before they are ready. The Colorado's latest design features include a head rest that can be used as a seat base, which can make this an easy to use way of safely securing any child or young person in either a rear or front facing restraint system.

The introduction of greater levels of passenger safety can be found across the latest range of Chevrolet models, including the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and Chevrolet Impala models. Among the developments and design updates introduced by Chevrolet are an updated LATCH system that can be adapted for any of the three major forms of child restraint systems commonly in use in America and around the world. Chevrolet has worked with a number of child and adult auto vehicle safety groups to look for innovative ways of improving safety for all passengers and drivers. An innovative seatbelt safety clip has been introduced by Chevrolet that allows adults and children who are too large for booster seats, but still struggle with the height of seat belts to adjust their height to a safer position for their own size.

Often simple, the design innovations from Chevrolet also include the opportunity to find an easy way out of a vehicle trunk should a child or adult become locked inside. An interior latch is included on 2015 Chevrolet models that glows in the dark to allow any individual trapped in a trunk to easily escape.

From everyday safety to innovative and unique features that can prove to be lifesavers when used on an irregular basis, Chevrolet is placing the safety of its passengers at the forefront of their design choices. Keeping the next generation of Chevrolet drivers safe as children is an important step in building the confidence of Chevrolet owners and keeping passengers safe no matter what their age.

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