Ford Motor Offers Award-Winning Surveillance Mode Technology

Ford Motor Company has been a very important part of the workplace for many decades.

Ford Motor Company has been a very important part of the workplace for many decades. From general contractors and workers, to firemen and police officers, Ford Motor Company has been providing the workforce with many heavy duty options for reliable automobiles that have helped individuals complete their jobs for many years.

There are many different features that workers can benefit from when they are on the job. Ford has been providing police vehicles to many different precincts for many decades now. They have become widely known as some of the top performing police vehicles out there. The 2014 Ford Police Interceptor is well known as one of the greatest police vehicles available on the market. This automobile boasts both performance and durability that is needed during the intense work load that a police officer will place upon this car. This automobile is also equipped with features that will allow the police office to have a competitive edge over criminals who are looking for every opportunity to get away with their crimes.

One of the great features that Ford has offered to police officers in their interceptors is the award winning surveillance mode that allows officers a much needed boost in safety. The surveillance system's main feature is a rear facing camera that is displayed in the rear view mirror. This rear view mirror display allows police officer to asses a potential danger in their situation. This will give the officer time to make a decision on what action to take if this is a dangerous situation.

The rear camera is motion activated when the surveillance mode is turned on. This activation of the camera also protects the officer additionally as well. The windows are automatically rolled up if they are down, and the doors will lock automatically as well. This gives an officer an additional barrier of protection in a potentially harmful situation. This is a technology that can help to save lives of our valuable police officers across the nation. With over 60 years of integration with the law enforcement industry, Ford Motor Company is committed to creating as much safety for law enforcement officials in their police interceptors as possible.

The hope from Ford Motor Company is that with this feature being offered to law enforcement officials, more individuals will adopt this feature. In inner city areas where there is a problem with high crime, this feature on a civilian automobile could greatly aid in the safety of that driver. This new surveillance mode could really add a whole new type of safety into the world of driving that has not been experienced before. Ford Motor Company is truly on the forefront of bringing a safer driving experience to drivers around the world.

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