Ford F-150 Resists Fading and Damage from Harsh Sunlight

Ford uses high quality materials on their vehicles, but they have now gone even a step further for their customers.

Ford uses high quality materials on their vehicles, but they have now gone even a step further for their customers. Adding on to the already award winning list of features on a Ford F-150 is the introduction of added protection from the sun and its harmful effects on the finish of your beauty.

This added protection comes from thousands of hours of testing to determine the best materials to protect the exterior and interior of the vehicle from harsh elements that the hard working 2015 Ford F-150 owners put their vehicles through each day. Often the interior of a vehicle fades as well as the exterior. Ford has a solution for that also. They have redesigned the interior instrument panel to address the glare and fading issues. Working with sophisticated computer software to investigate and find the exact materials needed to make these changes.

Exterior Weather Protection
The creation of this environmental protection coating was tested to withstand the harsh conditions of weather and sun that a normal truck would undergo for a period of five years. The testing involved targeted the badges that are attached to the vehicle being exposed to extreme temperatures of forty degrees below zero to one hundred degrees Celsius. This was to test the badges for their ability to adhere to the body without cracking, breaking, or discoloring. Other tests included exposing body parts directly to the actual elements by racking these parts outside for a time period of six months. The parts are then collected and examined with a xenon light to check for damage. Although the outside of the vehicle may hold up to the effects of weather for the life of the vehicle, the interior also needs to be addressed so that it too will still look great at the end of the life of the truck.

Interior Sun Protection
To keep the interior of your truck from fading, and glare from the sun’s harmful rays, Ford has researched and targeted the areas that are commonly affected. This includes the addition of shading the instrument panel gauges as well as using the least reflective materials available to construct these panels. The installation of these new materials also called for new lighting to illuminate the panel sufficiently for nighttime navigation. Introducing this new lighting to the interior makes it easier for the driver to see the instrument panels, which are now recessed into the instrument panel of the truck. Having this lighting for the instrument panel allows for easy determination of the gauge readings in all types of situations. To add to the interior lighting, a new dome ceiling light has also been implemented to illuminate the interior of the truck to a higher level of light for the total illumination of the interior of the vehicle.

When it comes to the toughest trucks available, the Ford F-150 has just created an even tougher truck. By adding extra sun protection to not only the outside, but the inside also, Ford has made this truck the toughest yet. The F-150 has long been one of the bestselling, longest lasting, and most reliable trucks on the market. With this technology in place, the 2015 Ford F-150 is sure to become even more popular among the truck owners of the world. These reliable trucks last a long time on the road, and now keeping your truck looking great until the end of its days has been made easier with added sun protection provided by Ford.

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