Hayman Reese Towbar: Easy To Install And Light-weight

The Hayman Reese towbars are amongst the only towbars to be exclusively designed and engineered in Australia

Winning the ‘Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Accessories)’, at the 2017 Expo in Melbourne proves that when you buy a Hayman Reese towbar, you just can't go wrong.

The award was won for the Hayman Reese Hitch Step arguably one of the best engineered towbar products in the market. Proud owners of the Hayman Reese Hitch Step already knew they had the best towbar money can buy but now they know for sure that there truly is non-better than the Hayman Reese Hitch Step towbar.

Owners of SUV and 4WD vehicles often found it difficult to reach the roof or inside of the large ute trays. This problem was solved by installing the Hayman Reese Hitch Step.

The Hayman Reese towbars are amongst the only towbars to be exclusively designed and engineered in Australia for Australian Vehicles.

All Hayman Reese towbars come with Lifetime warranty, Tow ball and rated D shackles, patented Metal Shield™ - with the unique two-stage surface protection, vehicle specific plug-and-play trailer wiring – SmartClick™ which has been specifically designed for each vehicle and tested under static and dynamic conditions. Additionally, every Hayman Reese towbars is fully compliant with Australian Design Rules and exceeds AS 4177 specifications.

The different towbars include:

1. Light Duty Towbars (Class 2) – with a bolt-on tongue that attaches to the cross-member using two bolts. These towbars are typically rated up to 1200 kg and is a well-engineered solution for light towing and mounting bike racks.

2. Medium Duty Towbars (Class 3) - typically rated up to 1600 kg and feature a 40 mm x 40 mm square hitch receiver with a removable Trailer Ball Mount. When you are not towing, simply remove the retaining clip and hitch pin and the Trailer Ball Mount slides straight out.

3. Heavy Duty Towbars (Class 4) – has the 50 x 50 mm square hitch receiver and is typically rated to the vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. Hayman Reese heavy duty towbars are a must have for towing caravans, boats, horse floats, Prorack Ski Carriers or even the professional tradesman.

4. Hitch Lamp Protector (HLP) Towbars – This is a lamp and body protector combined with the famous heavy duty Hitch Receiver Towbar. It is designed to provide rear body and lamp protection for those commercial vehicles Whispbar Roof Rack Accessories that need to tow heavy trailers. The TBM can be removed when not in use.

Along with these, there is also the Hayman Reese towbar Hitch Step!

The Hayman Reese towbar Hitch Step is easy to install and light-weight. In fact, it can be installed without removing the tow ball and, can be left in place even whilst driving or towing. Most importantly, the Hayman Reese Hitch Step provides a safe step platform for the user.

The Hayman Reese towbar Hitch Step is made from high grade aluminium body and includes a machined non-slip tread. The unique engineering design ensures that the raised upper lip works in tandem with the tread and prevents slippage. The all aluminium construction keeps it light-weight and corrosion resistant. And this is not all; the Hayman Reese Hitch Step retails for just $89.95 making it unbeatable in terms of quality and pricing.

It takes just three simple steps to assemble your the Hayman Reese Hitch Steps onto the towbar's tow ball mount.

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