3 Reasons To Regularly Flush Engine Coolant

Often there is confusion between draining and flushing of radiator.

Though automobile manufactures recommend replacing vehicles coolant periodically, many of the vehicle owners don’t feel it as necessary unless they experience leakage and overheating issues. Irrespective of the vehicle type, flushing coolant is recommended to keep the radiator clean inside and remove the contaminant build up. This will also improve engine performance and extend the life of vehicle.

How To Flush Engine Coolant?

Often there is confusion between draining and flushing of radiator. Draining will only remove antifreeze from the radiator whereas flushing is a repetitive process of washing the radiator inside thoroughly to remove sediments and dirt. After draining the coolant, the radiator is filled with water or flushing agent, and engine is kept on for few minutes. Later, engine is shut down and allowed to cool before the flushing agent is flushed out of the cooling system. Typically, when procedure is done by a professional, they normally use four to five gallons of anti-freeze as flushing agent to clear out the old anti-freeze and clean all the corrosion built up. This will ensure removal of rust and contaminants and ensure long life to cooling system and its components. Once the radiator is flushed and cleaned, the system is filled with the mixture of anti-freeze and water in the right ratio.

How Often Should You Flush Radiator Coolant?

Flushing is typically performed once a year or as per the instructions specified by the manufacturer. It also depends on the type of the vehicle and the climate you live in. If you are in a climate with harsh winters and extreme summers then frequent flush could be required. However, it is good to often remove the cap and look at the coolant. If the vehicle is past due for coolant change, you may notice change in coolant color. If there is too much contaminant floating on the top, the radiator is in bad condition and requires professional help. It is not a good idea to simply wait and watch for the indication of problem in cooling system as it can lead to higher catastrophic issues with engine.

How Your Vehicle Is Benefitted By Flushing The Radiator?

Having the radiator flushed on regular basis keeps it free from rust and scale deposits. The procedure keeps the cooling system components protected against corrosion and gives them extended life. Getting the flushing procedure done at regular intervals add many benefits to your vehicle.

  • Protects engine from internal corrosion, rust and unnecessary buildup
  • Flushing the old coolant and replacing with new anti-freeze protects engine from overheating
  • Removes scale deposits & contaminants
  • Lengthens the life of water pump and other cooling system components

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