How To Choose Custom Roof Racks For Your Vehicle In Sydney

Gutter Mount Legs are available in multiple leg heights. So select the height that works best for your vehicle.

For general public, there are dozens of roof rack designs to choose from. But either you have a trade that requires a special tool to be carried for which there exists no ready-made roof racks or, you you have a unique sport like rock climbing or spelunking that requires you to carry certain odd-shaped tools and equipment for which there exists no ready-made roof racks or maybe you own a vehicle for which there exists no ready-made roof racks. What do you do? Read on...

These days if you require a unique rack you don't have to despair. There are vehicle accessory companies that manufacture roof rack components that allow you to create your own custom roof rack – one that works for your vehicle and your trade or sporting needs. The design they incorporate is flexible and applications are endless. So whether you need to carry a odd-shaped ladder and harness to clean windows of tall buildings or carry scuba gear for deep sea dive or specialised harnesses for spelunking, specialist vehicle accessory companies manufacturing highly customised roof racks for your vehicle; have you covered.

There are numerous custom car top, truck top, 4x4 vehicle roof top and even caravan and camper roofs rack installation options. These include removable, semi-permanent and permanent installations. The last could involve drilling holes in or near the roof of your vehicle and this is no biggie because rubber washers and bushes ensure zero leakage and zero noise from vibration.

Folks search for custom roof racks when a suitable fit is not available from branded rack manufacturers, or a specific application such as trade or sport is involved. Prior to performing any custom installations, the vehicle accessory manufacturers will carefully walk through your gear hauling requirements including your current and future requirements.. Next comes the drawing board because the custom roof rack not only has to do the job, it has to also look good and add value to your vehicle. Finally, the project moves to engineering where everything is double checked including its aerodynamics, luggage accessibility and cargo fasteners.

Basic steps to choosing your custom Roof Rack Rola for your vehicle in Sydney include:

  1. Select the optimal platform size – Take a tape and measure your vehicle's roof-top making sure the custom roof top platform is as wide as the mounting locations.
  2. Select Rail or Leg or G-clamp options – These are what will hold your custom roof rack to the vehicle top. Each platform will require a different number of legs or feet depending on its size and cargo weight capacity.

Gutter Mount Legs are available in multiple leg heights. So select the height that works best for your vehicle and purpose. Remember that you will also need to clean your vehicle so do not forget to add 3 or 4 inches of clearance for your hand and wash cloth to slide through. Height measurement is generally taken from the top of your vehicle roof gutter vertically to the crown of your Rola Roof Bars. After this, choose a leg-size that will clear your roof-line and give you space to wash the vehicle roof top.

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