Buying Certified Pre-owned Cars Instead Of A New Car

Check out the certified pre–owned vehicles from dealerships in your area on today

There are many reasons today to look at the certified pre-owned vehicles offered at dealerships. Financially it makes sense as the pre – owned vehicles may have the remainder of the factory warranty and are less expensive than a new vehicle.  Most of these vehicles are late models with low mileage that offer showroom quality but sometimes thousands less than the brand new versions of the same model. Certified pre – owned vehicle sales have been on the rise, setting records in sales for 5 years in a row. Its hard to imagine that you could get that top of the line all the bells and whistles for less then you thought. Check out the certified pre–owned vehicles from dealerships in your area on today.

While typically the finance charges on used vehicles are higher, the factory backed Certified Pre – owned vehicles often offer low rates similar to a new car. The reason is that they are like new vehicles with low mileage, lending companies can look at them differently than vehicles with higher mileage.

Several Certified vehicle programs offer extended powertrain warranties up to 100,00 miles, far longer than the original warranty. Combine this with the remaining warranty coverage, may make you less obligated to buy an expensive extended service contract.

The fastest rates of depreciation occur within the first 3 years of a vehicles life and can upto 45% of the original cost new.  That does not mean that you can get a certified pre – owned for half the price of a new car. It does mean that someone else took the hit on the depreciation and you get a better price for the vehicle.

Certified pre–owned vehicles are less expensive. A top of the line vehicle will cost you less to own than some of the entry level new vehicles with fewer features.

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