Questions To Ask Skoda Dealers

Buying a new Skoda is usually a very sound investment. The models offer decent resale value.

They are packed with innovative features and clever design details. However, before you rush into buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, here are some questions you should ask Skoda car dealers.

Can I Have a Test Drive?

A test drive is one of the most vital steps in buying a new car. You cannot fully appreciate whether this particular car is the right one for you, you need to drive it. Skoda dealers should allow you to take the vehicle out and test it in a variety of conditions including the stop start urban traffic to properly appreciate it. While a particular model may tick all of your boxes on paper, you need something that you enjoy driving and suits your personal preferences.

Who Else Has Driven It?

Unless you are buying a brand new vehicle, it is important to speak to Skoda car dealers and establish the vehicle history. You need to know if the model has been used heavily as a fleet vehicle or if it has been used as a demonstrator. You will still need to inspect the car properly, but you need to know if it’s been ridden hard by a petrol head in the months before you buy it.

What’s the Total Cost?

The sticker price may be very attractive, but you need to know what you’ll actually be paying. You need to know what fees, costs and on road charges will be applied to ensure that it is still within your budget.

What’s the Warranty?

If you are buying a brand new model, it will be sold with a Skoda manufacturer’s warranty. However, if you are buying a pre-owned vehicle, it doesn’t mean that you will be left without any protection. Many Skoda dealers offer warranties on ex demonstrator and pre-owned vehicles, so it is well worth asking the question. If a warranty is available, ask about any limitations or restrictions. Ideally, it will be a full warranty that gives you assurance in the first six months or one year of ownership.

Is the Vehicle At the Dealership?

Finally, you need to know where your new car is. Is it being sent directly from the docks or is it sat in the dealership lot? This will allow you to confirm when the vehicle will be available and ready for you to drive home.

If you’re interested in what’s on offer at Skoda dealers, Perth drivers should visit us. We are authorised Skoda dealers with an impressive stock of new and pre-owned vehicles. Our sales team members are also on hand to answer any queries, discuss your finance options or arrange your test drive.

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